Add Video Email to Your Donation Campaigns

People donate to colleges and universities for personal reasons. It could come from a connection with a college’s mission statement or pride for their alma mater. Either way, emotion is the catalyst. 

With that said, how an Advancement Department presents their fundraising message will determine if a donor pulls out their wallet. Of course, asking for money is a touchy subject, therefore, thoughtful communication is required and expected. Avoid sending impersonal messaging that ends with misinterpretations or a lackluster call to action.

Video is the perfect communication platform for Advancement Departments. Asking for a monetary request, like a donation, through a video email will add a personal touch and drive more emotional appeal. Video puts a face to the name and incorporates body language, tone, and eye contact. With video, your message doesn’t have to sit between the lines of plain-text email, it can be brought to life with personality and passion. A personalized video email leads to more compelling and transparent communication.

Think about it –  unlike plain-text emails, video messages have the ability to put someone’s smile on display. You no longer have to wonder if that extra exclamation mark was “too much”. Videos let your donors hear and see your enthusiasm. Expressing passion and information about a mission will help decision makers understand an Advancement team’s donation request. Record a request that explains to viewers that their monetary donations will improve a new sports facility or contribute to one of the scholarship funds. Your transparency will make it easier for a viewer to make a decision because it’s genuine and clear.

You can achieve transparency by showing your recipients the person behind the donation request, why they are asking, and how your donation will contribute to a shared community. All in s one-minute video email. Donors will feel more confident to contribute to your campaign because they have a visible idea of where and how their money is used.

Take a look below at learn how you can apply video messaging to your fundraising campaigns.

A Video Email to the Masses 

Many Higher Education Universities create a Day of Giving Campaign to raise money for current or future students. Some of these campaigns run for 24 hours in order to raise as much money as possible for their community. Campaigns like this one require a mass email to quickly get the message in front of potential donors.

Tools like video email will help deliver successful communication in a cost-effective way. Record an authentic video with a smartphone or a webcam. Not only will this save the Advancement department expenses, they will have more time to get student testimonials to create a more impactful message. 

Perks of using video email:

Any type of Giving campaign should represent your brand, convey emotion, and leave a lasting impression. Here are some best practices to help guide your Day of Giving campaign.

Cultivate Relationships with a Custom Video Email 

Not every fundraising campaign requires a mass email. Capital campaigns, donor relations, or emails to sponsors, will need a more personalized message to cultivate the new or existing relationship.

In order to establish a long-term engagement, an Advancement department needs a communication platform that builds trust. If a team member already has an established relationship with a specific donor, then support that relationship by encouraging them to use video email. The donor will recognize the team member and feel more inclined to listen to their message.

Go Forth and Fundraiser with Video

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