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Your personal affiliate URL

When you’re approved as a Covideo Affiliate, you’re going to be given a unique Affiliate URL to use within your network. When someone uses your link to sign up for an account – you’ll get credit.

Send and share your Covideos

Affiliates also generate referrals by simply using Covideo. Your video emails contain your personal affiliate code, tracking you as the referring partner. By sending a video email you are not making a sales pitch, you’re demonstrating the effectiveness of a product that will sell itself!

Receive commissions

10% will be paid on all revenue collected from the monthly subscription and on all graphic orders. Payments are made to the affiliate once a month via check or PayPal.

“Our sales guys love to use it to send their customers and prospects videos as it has so much more impact – the customer can see the strong passion in their eyes.”
Matt Lasco, President, Lasco Automotive Group

Who are we?

Since 2004, Covideo has helped thousands of businesses and individuals implement video email that is simple, fast, and effective. With offices in Indianapolis, USA and Zagreb, Croatia, we’re a team of 35 individuals (and growing) who love what we do and believe in making video a standard habit in business communications. Our Covideo software is used in a wide range of industries and companies from Fortune 500 to small, family-owned businesses.

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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to have a Covideo account?

Yes; all affiliates must have a Covideo account. We believe that in order to be able to promote Covideo and the benefits of using video to others, you should know how the platform works and to be your own best case study. Also, affiliates generate referrals by simply using Covideo.

If you don’t have an account yet, sign up for one now!

What kind of compensation will I get for bringing customers to Covideo?

As you refer customers to Covideo, you’ll receive 10% recurring commission on all revenue collected from the monthly subscription and on all graphic orders that were referred by you. Payments are made to the affiliate once a month via check or PayPal. You will receive commission as long as the customer you referred is a paying customer of Covideo.

Will I receive special pricing?

For the time being affiliates are not provided special pricing or discounts in order to refer customers but rather paid commision on any new customers that they refer to Covideo. Over time, we’ll be looking at our top producing affiliates to create new tiers of affiliate membership.

What kind of a commitment does the program involve?

You are not required to provide any demos, training, or support to potential customers. You simply recommend Covideo to others and we’ll take care of the rest.