Are You Investing In Your Employees Expertise?

To be a top insurance professional, you constantly have to be in line with changes in your industry. You have to educate and adjust continuously to improve and beat the competition. Attending various seminars, conferences and workshops are great, but is this shaping the professionals that your company requires? Since every company is unique, the best way to educate your employees is through quality employee training. Focus on topics that are specifically adapted to your company’s characteristics and operations.

In today’s unexpected economic and natural environment, insurance companies constantly need to adapt training approaches. These approaches need to give employees the right skills to contribute to their companies. From here, they can fulfill their clients’ needs and best interests. Managers spend their time meeting face-to-face with new employees in order to share a great deal of information in the shortest time possible. However, this is not where employee training ends. Insurance professionals continuously need to train and update all employees on new policies, changes and offers, which can be very time-consuming. However, with the right channel of communication, your insurance company can go a long way.

How can video help?

Video is currently the strongest online tool in e-learning and training. It gives you the chance to record informative and educational videos. You can share and send these videos to every current and future employee. There are many possibilities for video communication, and with a good video platform, you are given the opportunity to share and send videos anywhere, as well as track your employee engagement. Moreover, your employees can watch and process these videos at their own pace. This will let them acquire information the way that suits them the best.

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How can I use video?

Creating videos with the help of a screen sharing option will give you the chance to easily share certain internal system demonstrations and conduct training sessions. This is a good solution when you want to show your new employees where they can access important data specific to their position. Once you record such a video, you can use it for further purposes and save time from re-demonstrating to every future employee.

What are the benefits of a video platform?

These are just a few examples of how video training can shorten your on-boarding time. With a video platform like Covideo, you can use video communication to increase knowledge retention and enrich continued education as your employees are given the opportunity to go back and refer to their training videos. The platform documents and records your training videos, data and viewer engagement within your personal video library. This way, all important information will always be at hand to the entire company. So, why not use the power of video to improve your business and shape your personnel to make them the best fit for your company?

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