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Auto Sales Training Rundown

Car salesmen play an important role in the operations of every auto dealership, however very few actually go through proper auto sales training. Being a car salesman is about more than just selling a product. The car sales process is complicated and lengthy, and car salesmen will encounter many obstacles on the road to a sale. Automotive industry professionals can improve their success rates by connecting with customers on a deep, meaningful level. Unfortunately, the typical car sales professional is already at a disadvantage because of the “car salesman” stereotype. Customers often expect car salesmen to be untrustworthy and out for money, which makes it difficult for salesmen to make a connection. In order to combat this stereotype, car salesmen need to make a good first impression. Auto dealership sales training isn’t necessary in order to make this happen, you just need to add a personal touch to the process. That’s why car dealerships are using video throughout their auto sales training to improve the overall car buying experience for buyers and sellers.

Auto sales training processes are contingent on a strong connection between the salesmen and the customer. First impression auto sales typically involves putting the customer at ease. No one ever said the road to a sale automotive industry was going to be easy. If you review the car sales process flowchart, you will find that this begins with the meet and greet. Car sales are much more likely to occur when the salesman makes a strong connection with the customer up front with strong car sales greeting techniques. One of the ways to accomplish this is through specialized communication platforms, such as sending a video message. Video messaging allows for humanized dealership greetings that are as close to an in-person encounter as possible.

Car Sales Training Ideas and Tips

Some characteristics of good car salesmen are inborn, but most of these skills can be taught in car salesman training.  In fact, if you want your employees to know the best way to make a sale, new hire sales training plan needs to be a priority. During these sessions, it would helpful to include some known car sales techniques, training on how to get comfortable talking to customers, and any other information that would help a new car sales rep. Car sales training steps can vary, but the general skills that must be taught in auto sales training programs are the same. Some of the most effective car sales training ideas include:

  • Providing your own materials – One way to ensure that your new salesmen have all the resources they need to be successful is to create materials designed specifically for your dealership. For example, you can use a new sales rep training programs training template to create a basic program, or you can create your own car salesman training manual from scratch.

  • Make use of video – Video is an excellent tool to use in auto dealer sales training, whether you are offering automotive sales training for new hires or you are creating used car sales training courses for your existing staff, video is one of the best automotive sales training tools available. Video makes an excellent replacement or addition to a sales training manual for new employees, which can often make employees feel isolated and lost on its own.

  • Teaching new hires to maintain eye contact – Any sales training program for new employees should instruct car salesmen to maintain eye contact with customers. Customers are more likely to trust car salesmen who look them in the eye.

  • Instructing car salesmen to be patient, not pushy – All car sales negotiation training materials should include a warning to not be pushy. Pushy car salesmen don’t make sales, they drive customers away.

  • Teach the car sales process in steps – The car sales process is lengthy and can be complicated. When on-boarding new sales reps, make sure your trainees understand all the steps in this process. You may even provide your trainees with a handout or document to help them remember these important points, such as a “10 steps to the sale” car salesman PDF. You may also direct them to Joe Verde steps to the sale, the Elliott Group car sales training or a similar resource.

  • Offer additional training after on-boarding – Even after your new hires have completed car sales orientation and have learned the 10 steps to the car sales process, they can still broaden their horizons. Continue to offer resources to help your salesmen grow in their careers, such as automotive sales manager training and other enrichment courses.

Learn more how dealerships are using video in the sales process to stand out from competition, and enhance the digital car buying experience.

Sales Objections and Answers

Whether you are selling a vehicle or another project, objections are common and expected. In fact, when it comes to car sales tips, overcoming objections tops the list. However, in order to overcome this issue, salesmen need to understand common sales objections and answers that are most likely to silence them. To overcome sales objections effectively, salesmen need to have a specialized strategy. For example, overcoming RV sales objections won’t be the same as overcoming objections in mortgage sales. Likewise, you won’t use the same strategies for car sales objections as you would for overcoming timeshare objections.

In order to help your car salesmen be as effective as possible, it is important to provide plenty of resources, such as sales objections scripts or a sales objections and responses template. It’s also a good idea to provide some sales objection handling examples so car salesmen know what to expect.

How to be a Good Car Salesman

Being a good car salesman is about more than just understanding the sales process. In fact, if you really want to know how to get more customers as a car salesman, it will involve learning a variety of “soft” skills that aren’t related to the nuts and bolts of the sales process itself.

In order to be a good car salesman in the United States, you must be personable and capable of earning the customer’s trust. For US car salesmen, these skills must surface at the beginning of the car sales process. UK and other countries don’t have the same stigma as the US, so there is often less pressure on car salesmen.

Whether you are wondering how to on-board a new sales rep or you are trying to build up existing employees, all salesmen need to know that their soft skills must be present in all forms of communication. Some of the best car salesman phone tips focus on exuding warmth and friendliness while also enticing the customer to move on with the purchase process. When it comes to the best generalized car salesman tips to get customers, asking questions that are thoughtful and encourage conversion also tops the list. If you are looking for more car salesman tips, Reddit often has a lot to offer.

Car salesmen can enhance the effectiveness of their soft skills by using video messaging as a supplement to in-person, email and phone communications. Examples of good uses for video technology include video email follow-ups, quick video introduction and vehicle walk-arounds.

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The Art & Science of Internet Car Sales

The digital age is reshaping many industries, including the automotive industry. Whereas customers used to do all of the car shopping in person, today’s shoppers are making great use of virtual technologies. In fact, some buyers may never set foot into the dealership until they are ready to take their new car home. It is this phenomenon that has led to the rise of internet car sales companies dedicated solely to working with customers online. In order to remain competitive in this new environment, dealerships need to know how to run an internet sales department properly. Otherwise, dedicated internet auto sales sites will get all the business.

Is Internet Car Sales a Good Job?

As you work to prepare your car salesmen to be successful, incorporating internet car sales training is essential. Internet auto sales training requires a specialized approach, and it is important to spend adequate time discussing internet car sales vs floor sales. Internet car sales email templates and other resources can make the transition easier for salesmen who are accustomed to in-person communication. To boost efficiency, you may even want to dedicate some of your salesmen solely to internet sales. If you can offer a competitive internet car sales salary, many employees will be willing to specialize.

With or without new technologies, buying a car is still intimidating to many people. For some people, the addition of technology makes the process even more nerve-wracking. For this reason, it is essential for car salesmen to provide excellent customer service at all times. One of the easiest ways to provide face-to-face time while still taking advantage of the conveniences of the digital age is with video messaging. Video messaging is a communication platform that fits well with the digital world but also allows for personalized, one-on-one communication.

Receive Free Automotive Sales Training with Covideo

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