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Automotive Follow Up Email Templates

Getting customers to engage with emails is harder than it has been in the past. Everyone’s inbox is flooded with marketing emails and advertisements for the next big thing. Most people don’t even read more than 50% of the actual content of an email. With that being said, sales professionals in the auto industry must find the right tools to enable them to confidently send an effective and warm follow-up email to a customer. In this article, we will cover a variety of automotive email templates with some tips and best practices for best success.

The traditional follow up email template

The traditional auto sales follow-up email template isn’t as powerful as it was in the past. Typically, auto follow up emails are full of plain-text and maybe a few pictures of the car. These days, this just won’t cut it when you’re trying to get the attention of a potential customer. People need more engaging content when receiving a follow up email for a car. It needs to be something that stands out in the inbox, and separates yourself from the competition. After sending a proposal, you need to make sure you remind the customer of what you have to offer and there’s no better way to show someone what you’re offering than with video.

Using video in car follow up emails

A benefit of using video in the automotive space is showing off aspects of the vehicles the customers are interested in, directly in their inboxes. If they’re interested in the upgraded sound system and extra safety features, you can give them an up close and personal view without needing them to come into the dealership. You can also track which parts of the video they watched and rewatched, so you know exactly what the customer is interested in.  Having the ability to track when a person viewed your video email and which parts of the video is a huge advantage over the average plain-text email. 

Example of effective automotive email marketing

One of the best success stories we’ve seen with automotive email marketing is with just one social media blast. After 7 hours an internet director got 1,100 views and 35 leads that resulted in 11 people coming in for test drives. That’s with just one piece of content! Imagine if you were to do that 3 times a week, the results could change the future of your business. Not only can you use video with marketing blasts, but you can also insert personalized videos into follow up email templates. It’s so much easier to send a catchy car sales email when you can include a video. You’re able to put your personality on display instead of just trying to convey it with plain text. 

If you’re in need of some examples to get you started, download our free eBook for a variety of car sales prospecting email templates. Here you’ll find some tons of follow up email templates to clients for when you’re in need of a go-to follow up email after a proposal, ideas for sending vehicle walkaround videos, or if you want to follow up email to a client after a quotation. 

Looking to incorporate video into your sales strategy?

Next time you’re struggling with getting your leads to come in for a test drive, try sending a video email. It only takes a couple of minutes, it’s faster than typing and editing an email and it’s fun! Better yet, your dealership will receive dedicated support from a Covideo team member who will provide auto sales training, video tips, best practices, strategies and more.

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