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Creating an effective B2B sales strategy

Stand out in the inbox, increase engagement, and drive more conversions by using video in your B2B sales outreach.

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Drive more B2B sales with video email

Adding video to your sales outreach engages prospects and drives action, leading to more connections and better outcomes.

What is Covideo?

Covideo is a B2B sales software used to easily record, send and track personalized video messages. Incorporating video throughout all stages of the sales process — prospecting, follow-ups, referrals — drives more connections and conversions.

Increase response rates

People want to do business with people, not technology. Skip the impersonal interactions by incorporating a personalized video email into your outreach for a lasting first impression that resonates.

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Keep prospects engaged

Use Covideo’s call-to-action buttons to share content like e-books, whitepapers, case studies, or to invite working prospects to webinars. Helpful resources like these add value and demonstrate the expertise and insights you bring along with your product/service.

Shorten the sales cycle

Delve into product overviews or address complex questions without sending lengthy, confusing emails or waiting weeks to coordinate calendars. Keep the lines of communication open and the timeline on schedule with a video your prospect can watch at their convenience.

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Transform your outreach with video.

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B2B Sales Strategy

Have you been wanting to learn more about what makes a b2b sales strategy effective? If so, keep reading! This article will be a guide to crafting your b2b sales strategy. We’ll cover some trends for 2021, and what to incorporate into your b2b sales process to increase engagement, conversions, and close more deals. Some specific subjects that we’ll touch on also include:

  • What is a B2B sales strategy?
  • B2B sales trends 2021
  • Using video in your B2B sales process
  • b2b sales strategies during covid
  • Next steps to enhance your sales and b2b marketing strategy


What is b2b sales?

A b2b company, or a business to business company, is one that mainly focuses on selling and creating products for other businesses and companies to buy. These are different from other types of businesses, like b2c (business to customer) companies in that they do not focus on selling products directly to customers and instead focus their efforts on marketing and selling to other businesses. Some of the main differences between b2b startups and b2c startups include who the decision makers are. In a b2c company, the customer is the decision maker while in a b2b company, there are a lot more roles involved in decision making. Likewise, the decision process is a lot more instantaneous in a b2c while in a b2b the process is a bit more complex and can take more time. In relation to marketing efforts, the way you market a product to an individual versus how you market a product to larger corporations and businesses is also very different.

Whether you’re a large b2b company or a startup, honing in on your b2b sales strategy framework takes time, effort, and definitely some cash. Getting people’s attention is tough and every business is often bombarded with sales calls, emails, and messages – so standing out and getting in contact with the right person is always a challenge but necessary to complete a b2b sale. Keep reading to learn more about some b2b sales for startups trends, b2b sales strategy examples, as well as other strategies to help elevate how you sell and help you close even more deals.


B2B sales trends 2021

In today’s digital age, b2b sales techniques, sales trends and sales strategies are constantly changing and b2b sales companies need to make sure to stay on top of these trends to be successful. Buyers today are more informed than ever before and have access to so much information on the internet. Therefore, it’s really important to fine tune your b2b marketing strategy framework and techniques in order to reach and engage prospects effectively. Below, we’ve listed five sales trends you can plan on seeing in 2021!

  • Customer experience – Customer experience and customer service carry a lot of value for potential prospects. Companies like to feel valued and want to know that there’s a reliable contact who can take care of any issues that could arise.
  • Personalized user experiences – When selling to businesses, teams will now need to make an effort and do some research before communicating with a company to create and offer a more personalized experience throughout the sales process.
  • Stepping up your tech stack – Having some tech tools like a go-to CRM platform, or access to data analytics, or even a video platform can add a lot of value to your sales process. Having these tools can streamline that process and make it a better experience for your customers.
  • Sales and marketing work in tandem – When sales and marketing teams work in tandem and team up together, you can make sure that you’re always engaging the right people at every touchpoint. Whether that be through social media, your brand’s website, and even through sales calls. You want to make sure that you have similar messaging and that all teams are focusing on common goals. Later, we’ll delve a little deeper into some sales marketing plan examples you could use in your strategy.
  • Humanizing outreach in a virtual environment – Human interaction and humanizing the sales process can be enlightening, especially in remote work environments. People always want to do business with other people, not technology and computers.


Using video in your B2B sales and marketing strategy

Recently, there’s been a big rise in using video for sales, turns out, it’s more than just a marketing tool! Videos can be used in a number of different ways in your sales strategy. Video conferencing is probably the most popular type of video use. Video conferencing can create a more personalized experience for you and your team as well as your customers. Video can also be a great tool for live conversations and can help to speed up the sales process and facilitates in more seamless communication. The most effective sales strategies are using video throughout the entire process, not just for live conservation.

Video messaging is the ability to communicate with your customers and team members using recorded videos. These video messages can be sent through social media, SMS, or your favorite CRM platform. There are many different reasons to incorporate video into your technique. Video messages can help you stand out in a cluttered inbox, they can help you accelerate the sales process. Video messages are significantly more engaging and make communication more effective and efficient. When you use videos to communicate, your messages are more personalized and humanized. Some ways you can use video throughout the sales process and spruce up b2b sales strategy for startups include:

  • Prospecting – Using video messages when prospecting can help you stand out in a cluttered inbox. Try using the word video in your subject line to increase open rates!
  • Follow ups – A great b2b marketing strategy example is to send a video to recap your conversation or reach out to your client or prospect if you haven’t heard from them in a while.
  • Appointment Reminders – You can also increase show rates with a video reminder to remind contacts about their upcoming video meetings.
  • Proposals – Your video messages can also substitute as outlines. Use videos to outline detailed proposals and reiterate next steps and how you’ll follow up.
  • Thank yous – A great b2b sales strategy template takes advantage of thank you messages. A great way to personalize this type of communication is to send thank you videos to build relationships with your contact after a deal is closed.
  • Referrals – If people had a positive experience, you can use videos to thank them again and ask for referrals in a sincere and genuine way.


B2B sales strategies during covid

Have you wondered how b2b sales have changed during covid-19 in the remote work environment? Covid caused a dramatic change for b2b sales companies. For example, in-person meetings have always been a huge portion of business and sales strategies, now, b2b sales during covid are all negotiated and done remotely online. During this time, consumers are also buying less, which makes it more difficult to sell to companies that have much smaller spending limits. Businesses in return were suffering and may have had to cut back on unessential purchases like new software. B2b sales post covid have resulted in new trends for sales and marketing strategies.

The need for humanization and for conversations to be more authentic has been a direct result of these new trends. Teams and salespeople are a lot more focused on authentic communication and building relationships with their prospects, even if it’s done through a screen. B2b marketing during covid has also had to change to fit the needs of other brands. Marketing and sales have become less pushy and far more authentic. People are looking to connect in a more personal way. Sales teams are now doing more research on their prospects and are focusing their time on specific types and groups of prospects. These characteristics should not be forgotten in a post-covid world, we should show up to every sales conversation with an open mind and open perspective.


Enhance your B2B sales strategy today

Being authentic in all of your workplace communications can drastically improve how people interact with your messages. Authenticity helps humanize your communication and can help you create stronger and longer lasting workplace relationships. Covideo, our go-to video messaging tool that can help you record, send, and track videos, can be your biggest asset and greatest differentiator. When you use video in your sales process, not only are you speeding up and making your sales cycle more efficient, you are also creating more authentic conversation. Ditch the b2b sales strategy pdf and stop searching for a b2b sales strategy presentation and instead, just find what works best for you and your team. B2b sales strategy ppt can tell you how to improve how you sell in a number of different ways but our go to is using a tool like Covideo.

With Covideo, you can use video recording software free of charge with all of our standard features to see what it’s all about. Try it out for 7-days to kickstart using video in your new b2b sales strategies; no credit card required! Learn more about our demo now!


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