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Benefits of Video Marketing: 4 Things to Consider Before Adding Video to Your Marketing Efforts

Guest written by Margaret Henney

Ahh. Video and marketing online. A match made in digital heaven. The importance of video in marketing in today’s world cannot be overstated. Video marketing statistics tell us that by 2022, more than 80% of all Internet traffic will be made up of video. If that doesn’t convince you of the popularity of video, consider that YouTube is the second most popular website, trailing only behind Google. It’s clear that video is here to stay and only growing in popularity.

Why Video Marketing is So Powerful

Stats like these might lead people to ask “Ok, so why is video marketing so effective?” It’s simple: Video is more engaging – appealing to more of our senses and our emotions – and it’s more memorable. In fact, 95% of a message is remembered when watching a video, compared to just 10% when that same message is delivered with text alone. 

We know the video is 1. The future of marketing and 2. Highly effective in connecting with viewers. So, adding video to your strategy is a no-brainer. But how? To do video marketing well there are a handful of checklist items you’ll want to give thought to before the camera rolls.

4 Things to Consider:


One of the keys is strong video content. Marketing sans quality content is a no-no in general and applies to video just as much as it does written content. Content must add value and be original (or at least have an original perspective or commentary). Downplay – or even eliminate – the sales pitch. Your buyers/viewers are savvy, and they know (and dislike) when they’re being sold to. Instead, your video content should aim to educate, inspire or entertain – maybe even a combo of all three.


The voice or tone used in your videos should be consistent, unique and authentic. This requires knowing yourself and your audience first so do your research. Real is always better than polished when it comes to video. In fact, some of the most impactful and memorable videos out there are made on a phone with little editing.


In today’s world of curated playlists and suggested purchases, personalization is an expectation among buyers. Viewers are 200-300% more likely to click on a video that is personalized with their name (when compared to a raw link), so consider creating one-off videos for high-priority prospects. If you can’t make an individualized video for your leads, consider segmenting them into buckets based on important identifiers like demographics, company, job title, buying habits. To do this, you need to know your audience and diligently mine data. Then, use that data to target them with relevant content, updates, and promotions. Keyword: RELEVANT.


Where your video will be distributed/consumed is an important factor in planning. Luckily, the options for channels are practically limitless in 2020 when it comes to video marketing. Blog posts (like this one) can be beefed up with a simple video that quickly recaps your thoughts in sound bite, sharable version. When video is added to a website, organic search traffic is increased by 157%. Your videos can also be shared through email and texts thanks for super rad tools like Covideo (end shameless plug).

Video is a highly effective tool for marketers, but it’s also buzzy. Companies often make the mistake of wanting to jump on the bandwagon without giving much thought to the plan/process beforehand. Resist the urge and remember to first consider content, voice, personalization and your distributions channels to make sure your efforts are worth the energy. And then watch the leads roll in (insert high five from your sales team).

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