Best video marketing strategies for startups

When you think about it’s easy to see how online marketing has become a ferocious jungle in the last couple of years. Videos have taken the spotlight and you can use them to take your startup to a whole new level. If you want to build a strong video marketing strategies for startup, this post is a great place to start as we’ll be going over some tips that will help you take off the ground.

How to create a video?

The times have changed and for good. If you wanted to produce a video for your marketing campaign, just a few years ago you had to come up with a storyboard, find a decent scriptwriter, then hire the right actors and the crew which will shoot the video. Finally, the video had to be edited by another professional. Now you don’t have to spend a small fortune to create a video. You can commission it on online platforms like Fivver for just a couple of hundred dollars.
How is this even possible you’re asking? Well, the main reason behind this is the fact that the hardware has become widely accessible. Innovations in technology and the entertainment industry have paved the way for cheap video creation so now you don’t need a professional grade camera when you have smartphones that are capable of capturing 4K videos, and tools like Powtoon or Animoto which can help you edit the videos.

Video content creators for hire

YouTube and Vine are great platforms and they are home to some really amazing video content creators and you can hire them to do the scripting and the storyboarding at prices that are hard to match. Not only that they can hire actors and edit your videos, but they can also even promote and market your videos so you basically get the whole package at the fraction of the price.

How to distribute your videos?

OK, so now you have your video but that’s just the beginning! Distribution is the next part and it’s really important too. Even the best video isn’t worth a dime if the right people don’t get to watch it. If you’re a business owner looking to increase the visibility of your business then the usual suspects like Facebook, YouTube or Vine can work wonders for you. Vimeo and Dailymotion are great platforms for production houses or media agencies.
When you have a video that’s both useful and entertaining, these platforms will give you the reach organically, and you don’t have to spend money on promotion if you don’t want to, it’s up to you. In our opinion, Facebook and YouTube are the best options out there.

The key to great marketing and optimization

Let’s look at the checklist. Now you have a superb video that’s uploaded on various social media and video sharing platforms but in order to give it the maximum reach, you have to optimize it. If your weapon of choice is YouTube, after uploading the video to your channel you can follow the best practices that will ensure that your video not only gets a ton of views but that it reaches the right audience too.
You should use cards and annotations in the right places so they can usher the viewers to your website. It’s beyond important to use the right keywords for the title of your video and to insert only the best tags in order to increase the search volume. YouTube and Facebook both have paid advertising options that can help you target potential clients and customers.

The wrap-up

Online video services and video marketing are on the roll, and we’re dealing with a trend that won’t go away so soon. Online video advertising tools are an easy way for startups to build their brand and business. Now’s the ideal time to get on the bandwagon.

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