1302, 2018

Meet Skylar Stigall

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Skylar – affectionately referred to as Skybilly thanks to her country roots – joined the Covideo team in May of 2017 after a stint in […]

502, 2018

Fireside Chat Episode 4: J.R. White

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J.R. White of Tom Wood Toyota in Indianapolis, IN took the time to tell us how he uses Covideo in his position.


Name: J.R. White

Company: Tom […]

2401, 2018

Covideo Fireside Chat Episode 3: Chuck Bauer

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Recently, Sales Coach and Business Consultant Chuck Bauer spoke with a member of the Covideo’s staff about Covideo’s efficiency for business.


Name: Chuck Bauer

Company: Chuck Bauer […]

1801, 2018

Covideo Capture

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Want to do business face-to-face but your schedule and location just won’t allow it? Finally, the time of writing lengthy emails with bullet points, clipped […]

1001, 2018

#1 Thing That Sales People Can Do To Increase Their Win Rate

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Forget everything you know about selling! In this new podcast Jason Price, President of Covideo, reveals tips and tricks how sales people can increase their […]

501, 2018

Meet Petra Jerger

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Petra joined the European Covideo team in September 2017 and is really excited to take part and see the opportunities Covideo has to offer to […]

501, 2018

How to Create Good Personalized Videos

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Did you know that personalized videos can really contribute to your sales and marketing strategy? Recording personalized videos give you the chance to stand out […]

2712, 2017

Covideo for Outlook

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Are you an Outlook 2010, 2013, or 2016 user? Covideo Outlook Add-in is integrated directly into your Outlook account so that you can create and […]