1708, 2018

The insatiable thirst for video and what it means for written communication

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Let’s all just confess to the guilty truth. Most of us prefer to consume information by watching a video, rather than reading a blog. Even while reading this, you might begin to think that you would have preferred for this information to have been conveyed to you in video form. It’s just easier, and we all know it.

The fact is, there’s a definitive shift occurring in the way we consume information. As a society, we’re […]

1008, 2018

Are you treating your customers right?

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When talking about customer support, the first and most important thing to highlight is that customer support is not the same as customer service. Yes, both terms have the common goal of helping customers solve their problems and make better-informed decisions. Unlike customer service, customer support also functions as part of sales, tech support and customer success.

Your customers’ experience
Customer experience is crucial for every company. Not to mention that up to 90% of customers quit […]

708, 2018

“Bad customer support can severely hurt a company’s reputation and success!”

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While technically the Director of Account Management, Caitlin Marra also helps to train Covideo users and serves as the company’s resident cheerleader, social chair and general caretaker for all. She joined the Covideo team in August of 2015 and couldn’t be happier about it. In fact, she looks forward to coming to work every day! Caitlin’s a 2013 graduate of Butler University and a lifelong Indianapolis resident. Read the interview and find out what she […]

308, 2018

How to send video emails in Salesforce

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You are probably familiar with the quote: “If you don’t take care of your customers, your competitors will…” Not to mention that your customers are the ones on which your success depends on. No matter what industry you come from or what you sell, your customers are here to give you a direction for your business operations. This is why customer satisfaction should be made a priority, and in order to give them what they want […]

3007, 2018

“The traction on video is 10x more than text!”

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After spending 20 plus years selling enterprise software, Brian Burns is now working with leadership teams. He helps them create and dominate their market segments. His approach is based on an exhaustive study of hundreds of eight, seven and six-figure deals across several industries and geographies. He has discovered that the majority of salespeople are Selling Backwards.
Selling Backwards means that the focus is on the outside of prospect looking in. Instead of obsessing over messaging, […]

2507, 2018

Covideo updated its back office!

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We’re excited to share with you that Covideo has released its updated version of the back office portal. Our team has been working very hard to ensure the best experience for our users and will continue to do so! Now, let’s go through all of the changes!

Back office updates
After the users log in to their Covideo account, they will be taken to a video library by default. In the library, they will see their video […]

1807, 2018

Complete Guide To Recording Company Culture Videos

By |July 18th, 2018|Video Marketing|1 Comment

Every company has its culture. Actually, every group of people probably has its culture. We can define it as values, practices, and beliefs shared by members of these groups. In the business world, company culture is something that its employees have in common and are eager to share it with those who care. Company culture is something you can’t see or touch, but you can demonstrate it through a wide range of company’s activities. It’s […]

1307, 2018

Communication Coaches Need Video To Be Successful!

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Allan Knight is a former Zen Monk turned Communication Coach. He has infused 30 years of Eastern philosophical wisdom into a simple 9 step formula to achieve greater personal and business success rapidly. Also, Allan is a passionate Covideo user. We had a little chat with him and found out what he loves about video communication.

COVIDEO: Tell us a little bit about yourself, your current position and how long have you been using Covideo?
Allan Knight: I am […]

1107, 2018

All You Need To Know About Social Selling

By |July 11th, 2018|Sales|0 Comments

The name social selling speaks for itself. This term is a fusion of the power of social networking and the art of selling. In fact, social selling is about leveraging your social network to find the right prospects, building trusted relationships, and ultimately, achieving your sales goals. So, each time you log into a social media network with the aim to connect with your new prospects or to give them value by answering questions and […]

1007, 2018

6 months to implement these automotive digital trends

By |July 10th, 2018|Automotive|1 Comment

Digital marketing trends are changing very quickly, and when talking about it in industries such as automotive, they’re more important than ever. Customers want more! It’s not just about selling a car; it’s about creating experiences. Is that customer thinking about coming back to your dealership? Are you his favorite salesperson? How much information he or she had before contacting you? The answers to these questions will show you how much has the customer-salesperson relationship […]

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