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By: Olivia Slade-Silovic | July 25th, 2014

“Spam” can be a four-letter word, particularly in the sales world. But spam filters are in place for a reason: to weed out irrelevant emails – and who among us doesn’t appreciate that? So step #1: makes sure your emails have relevant content that is specific and targeted for the intended receiver. Beyond that, here …

By: Olivia Slade-Silovic | July 15th, 2014

It’s estimated that we as consumers are exposed to thousands of ads every day. But the question remains, how many of them actually compel us to take action and what about them catches our attention? With advertising overload, it’s becoming more integral for marketers to know how and where to reach consumers in a manner …

By: Olivia Slade-Silovic | June 26th, 2014

Post links hold the code to embed videos in emails, websites and more.  We’ve streamlined the post link feature to break-out the embed code from the other options.  Check out this quick video to see how easy we’ve made the embed process.  WATCH VIDEO!