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By: Olivia Slade-Silovic | November 12th, 2013

No matter how entertaining or informational your video emails are if they lack an effective call-to-action their marketing value is limited.  All that great content you’re sending, establishing an emotional connection with your audience, reaps few benefits if viewers aren’t motivated to interact with your business once the video is finished playing. Video email calls-to-action …

By: Olivia Slade-Silovic | October 1st, 2013

Today’s consumers are looking for value.  To stand out, video email applications for dealership are a great way to do so. Here are 20 ways to re-charge your sales and build strong, long-lasting customer relationships.

By: Olivia Slade-Silovic | September 30th, 2013

If you want to improve the quality of your videos, take a closer look at your webcam. Older or entry-level models may not have HD, auto-focus, noise-canceling and other technology necessary to provide the sharp images and clear audio achievable with more advanced models. Top contenders in the webcam marketplace are Logitech, Microsoft and HP. …