904, 2018

Are you investing in your employees’ expertise?

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To be a top insurance professional, you constantly have to be in line with changes within your industry. Continuous education is needed and adjustments have to be made in order to improve and beat competition. Attending various seminars, conferences and workshops is great, but is this shaping the professionals that your company requires? Since every company is unique, the best way to educate your team is through quality employee training with focus on topics that […]

604, 2018

“Video email has been a game changer for me!”

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Once a professional American football player, J.J. Birden is now a health & wellness coach, keynote motivational speaker and bestselling author that helps people improve their lifestyle. We are proud to say that he has been our loyal customer for over 8 years.
For him, Covideo represents the number one business tool when it comes to communicating with his clients. With customers all over the world, face-to-face communication is not always realistic. That is why Covideo […]

504, 2018

Keep up with the Covideo Mobile App updates

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I am excited to let you know about the new updates that our development team has worked on related to our mobile apps for iOS and Android. With the new updates, you now have the ability to switch your camera view from front to back and vice versa as you’re recording your Covideos as well as the ability to pause during your recording.
These new updates are valuable in the situations where you would like to […]

404, 2018

Is the sales process over after the purchase?

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Every experienced sales person knows that once a customer has purchased a vehicle from them, their relationship is not over. It has actually just begun. Yet, only a few of them have a communication strategy that will turn their customers into long-term buyers. We know that what you do after a purchase can either make you or break you. In other words, if you build the relationship with your customers and engage them even after […]

304, 2018

How to record a perfect walkaround

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In the real estate world, every successful story begins with a persuasive presentation. Real estate agents are aware that without a good presentation, their clients will not have enough information to decide whether they should purchase the property or not. With the increase of video usage in this industry, real estate agents have turned to recording property walkarounds to create a better and more persuasive presentation for their clients. To make sure that you give […]

3003, 2018

How to use video in recruitment

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Searching for a new job can be a very stressful experience, but don’t think for a second that this process is easy for the ones who are on the other side of the table – recruiters. Whether you are working in a recruitment agency or a company’s HR department, finding the right candidate is sometimes extremely challenging and time-consuming. To deliver the requested top talent to companies, recruiters have focused on getting the best tools […]

2903, 2018

“Video really adds that personal touch!”

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Kate Eltringham is the Vice President of Marketing in GWC Warranty, the best-in-class provider of vehicle service contracts through independent dealers in the US. She has been working there for five years and started using Covideo not long after she joined.
Kate says that aside from the external communication, they also use Covideo internally. For them, Covideo is a great way to communicate with dealers across the nation with more than just black and white Outlook […]

2603, 2018

What’s Keeping Dealerships From Using Video?

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Back in February, I spoke at a Digital Dealer workshop in Chicago and was invited to do the same next month at the annual Digital Dealer conference in Orlando. As I reflect on my previous session in Chicago and look forward to sharing my expertise in video in Orlando, I wanted to address and resolve some hesitations about using video that arose.
In addition to my talk, roughly 90% of the breakout sessions at the […]

2203, 2018

Realtors that tell stories sell more properties

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Everyone in business wants a better connection with their clients, but if you are a realtor, you know that relationships with your clients are the only thing that can lead to closing the deal. To improve that relationship, agents are engaging their clients by using video communication. To ensure your clients are treated as they should be, we give you five quick and easy marketing tips which will help you find that next home buyer.

1. […]