407, 2018

Sending Video Emails Will Increase Your Company’s ROI

By |July 4th, 2018|Video Email|0 Comments

How many people are sending emails every day? Probably everyone. How many of them are sending VIDEO emails? Probably not everyone. Even though video content is almost everywhere, people still prefer watching a video over […]

207, 2018

Make Your Video Go Viral

By |July 2nd, 2018|Video Marketing|0 Comments

Do all viral videos spontaneously end up going viral? The answer is NO.  Anyone can create a viral video with the right approach. Many company and user-generated videos are uploaded on different social media sites […]

2906, 2018

5 Digital Marketing Trends Small Businesses Need to Know in 2018

By |June 29th, 2018|Video Email|0 Comments

In the world of digital marketing, things are constantly changing. New trends arise daily, and if you want to stay ahead of the curve, you must adapt. We’ve compiled a list of 5 digital marketing […]

2806, 2018

Why Video Content?

By |June 28th, 2018|Video Marketing|0 Comments

Nowadays, content marketing got the new meaning. While the written form was valuable before, today the spotlight is on the video content. No matter the generation or the nation, the video is the star. By […]

2606, 2018

Why Video Content Works Better Than Text

By |June 26th, 2018|Video Marketing|0 Comments

Apart from the obvious facts that we know about the differences between text and video content, there are still some things we are not fully aware of. Many still doubt in the power of video, […]

2106, 2018

8 Video Types That Will Attract Customers

By |June 21st, 2018|Video Marketing|0 Comments

When you hear the term “content marketing”, most of you will imagine content in written form. Today, people are drifting away from written content and moving towards video content. To get you started with video […]

2006, 2018

How To Add Video In MailChimp Email Campaigns

By |June 20th, 2018|Email Marketing|0 Comments

Did you know that approximately 91% of regular consumers check their email at least once a day? Email is the go-to tool for every person in the business world. In 2015, it was reported that […]

1906, 2018

WordPress Europe: From Gutenberg to Gutenberg

By |June 19th, 2018|Video Email|0 Comments

More than 2,000 visitors from 76 countries participated in the biggest European WordPress conference – WordCamp Europe. The conference was held in Belgrade, Serbia on June 14-16 2018. One of the participants was Covideo’s Web […]

1806, 2018

Which social channels should real estate agents use?

By |June 18th, 2018|Real Estate|0 Comments

More and more real estate professionals are embracing online marketing as its core sales tool. But it doesn’t only stop at sales. Online marketing offers the most effective communication platforms, too. There is really no […]

1506, 2018

Instagram Videos For Business

By |June 15th, 2018|Video Marketing|1 Comment

Social networks are your brand’s window to the world. With Instagram taking Facebook’s center stage, its value in your social media strategy has rocketed. According to Statista, the number of Instagram users in April 2018 […]

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