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Build Customer Trust with Video

We’ve all heard the cliché , all (good) relationships are built on trust. And yes, that goes for all relationships, not just your significant other. 

When talking business, gaining customer trust is a key indicator that often leads to a sale. But, sometimes salespeople are mislabeled with having untrustworthy or deceiving behaviors.

So, if you’re in a sales role, how do you quickly build a relationship and trust with a customer? Use video as a catalyst. 

Put a Face to A Name

In this digital era where we’re surrounded by the latest technology, we often forget there’s a real person on the other end of that Instagram account, or those emails you mindlessly delete from your inbox. By being in front of the camera, you remind the consumer you’re human too. Refreshing right? 

Putting a face to a name goes a long way when influencing a business deal. It adds a level of comfortability and allows for a stronger relationship to be built.

As the digital era transcends, we need to bring humanization back into the business cycle.  Because let’s face it, people like doing business with people.

Add Personalization

A person’s favorite word to hear is their own name. When you hear your name, whether it’s directed at you or not, your ears naturally spike up. And, what better feeling when someone remembers your name unexpectedly? Reaching out to a prospect with a personalized video will immediately elevate your impression on them.

Covideo’s favorite tactic to add personalization is by writing the recipients name on a whiteboard and holding it up at the start of your recording.

When the person opens the email, their eyes gravitate towards the thumbnail that shows their name. This creates a strong impression before the prospect has even viewed the video and listened to what you have to say. 

Be Authentic

In a world flooded with content and options, your prospect will no longer settle for the status quo. Using video in your sales process will separate you from the competition. Through your body language, tone of voice, facial features and ability to make eye contact, you can truly express your passions and personality, all the while gaining audience trust. 

You’ll no longer have to question the meaning of “Ok.” versus “Ok!” because your voice will speak for itself.

Oh, and one last thing – smiling. When you’re smiling, your audience is more likely to mimic your facial features and energy level. So it’s true, smiling is contagious. Not sure if you trust us yet? Schedule a demo with one of our experts to see for yourself.

Provide Value

That video thumbnail with your smiling face might initially capture your audiences attention, but now you need to reel them in with what you have to say. Video, more than any other medium, allows you to empathize with others, express your understanding of the issue at hand and showcase your knowledge. This helps build your legitimacy, and soon enough, customer trust.

Create Quick Learners

Ever find yourself reading a book and you get to the end of the page and don’t have a clue what you just read? This can happen with phone calls, emails, etc.. With video, your audience will have an easier time comprehending your message. 

Be Responsive

You receive an email from a prospect or client. Can you imagine their reaction if you follow up with a video email? They’ll be wowed. 

Responding by video actually takes less time than typing out the perfect message. Recording your message shows you are willing to go the extra mile for your customers, demonstrating your reliability, eagerness to help, and passion for what you’re talking about. 

Video, unlike faceless email, gives you the opportunity to build trust with your audience because it provides familiarity and authenticity, which leaves a positive impression. 

Video has the power to connect you with your audience and humanize your brand. Are you ready to personalize the sales process and reap the benefits? When the trust is there, the sales will follow. See for yourself and try adding video email into your current sales strategy. Start risk-free with a 14-day free trial from Covideo.

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