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Car sales email templates for every sales scenario

We gathered the most common car sales email templates for lead responses, appointment reminders, walkarounds, and more.

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Sell more cars with video messaging

It’s time to enhance the car buying experience with video – stand out from your competition, bring more buyers into your dealership, and increase car sales.

What is Covideo?

Covideo is the go-to video platform for dealerships used to easily record, send and track personalized video messages – from the initial lead follow up to car walkarounds and the final vehicle-sold “thank you.”

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Build trust from the start

Don’t send the same generic lead response that other dealerships are sending. Beat out the competition and make a good first impression by responding to internet leads with a video email or text introducing yourself and your dealership. Or, record car walkarounds offering customers a 360 ̊ video of a particular vehicle, highlighting special features, color and condition.

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Keep buyers engaged

Eliminate no-shows by notifying your leads with personalized video email and let them know you’re looking forward to their upcoming appointment. Or, send a customized follow-up to “be-backs”, get them back in the door, and regain their business. Going the extra mile and providing excellent customer service builds customer confidence and your rapport.

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Provide superior service

Eliminate the doubt surrounding service repairs. Use video to build trust and transparency with verified, recommended repairs. Offering excellent service will keep people coming back and generate customer referrals.

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Car Sales Email Templates

Lets make your life easier by providing you a few common car sales email templates! We encourage using video, and we`ll even share video examples and scripts. Here are a few video email templates for dealerships:

  • Internet leads for car sales
  • Appointment Reminders for Sales and Service
  • Car email templates for follow ups
  • Car sales template for new inventory
  • Car walkaround video example


Why you should use video in car sales email templates

The best dealerships use video in their sales process. The purchase journey is happening online now more than ever. However, most buyers still make the final decision at the dealership. The McKinsey report claims the average buyer only visits 1.6 auto dealerships while car shopping. Ten years ago, this average was 5 dealerships. Get ahead of your competitors by meeting your customers where they are with video. Build trust from the start, keep the buyers engaged, and provide superior customer service. How to respond to internet car leads has never been more efficient or effective.You can still convert online leads into showroom traffic by sending personalized videos through your CRM even when they are out of the office, or go the extra mile for your customers, and send them video vehicle walkarounds, follow ups, appointment reminders, etc. The power of personalization is endless, that is why the best email template for car sales has video. We are going to walk through some examples and automotive email templates that you can reference to start using video in the sales process to enhance the car buying experience.


Internet lead response templates

An introduction email can either be make or break. It is the first impression of not only you, but the dealership you represent. That is why internet lead email templates are so crucial. Instead of sending a plain text email when internet leads come in, send a video introducing yourself. This builds trust right from the start and puts a face to a name. The best bdc email templates use video- especially to increase conversion rates, open rates, and engagement. It’s the same message just delivered in a different format. Here is an example script for video internet sales email templates:

“Hello there, my name is (name) and I’m the Sales Manager here at (dealership name). I wanted to send you a video to introduce myself and thank you for putting us on your shopping list. (dealership) has proudly served the (city/town) community for (#) years. We look forward to serving you as well, and feel confident that we can assist you in finding the perfect vehicle for your needs. You can reach me directly at the number above (points above) or by calling the store at (phone number). We look forward to welcoming you to the dealership. See you soon!”

Car sales follow up email template

Follow ups are just part of the car business. It’s an even better excuse to send a video. Your lead or customer might have questions about a vehicle(s), ask about the process, or you haven’t heard for a while and want to get the conversation moving. Instead of explaining over plain text, send an informative video and keep the recipient engaged. Car sales email examples can include video for all stages, not just one in particular. But, this car sales follow up email sample is if it’s been a few days since you’ve heard back from the lead:

“Hello my name is (name), General Manager at (dealership name). I wanted to personally reach out to you to offer my assistance. I want to ensure you have received all of the information you need regarding your recent inquiry. If there is anything my team or I can do to assist you, please reach out to us at the number above. We are here to help you in any way that we can. Thanks! We’ll talk to you soon.”


Car sales templates for appointment reminders

Sending appointment reminders actually increases the chances of the buyer showing up to the appointment and your dealership. Appointment reminders can be used for both sales meetings and service reminders as well. Here are 2 reminder email templates for both occasions – the first is confirming an appointment for a buyer and the second is a car service reminder email template:

Sales:“Hey there! This is (name), General Manager at (dealership). I wanted to confirm your appointment for today. We have your keys and your vehicle is all gassed up and waiting for you! If you have any questions beforehand, feel free to call us. We can’t wait to see you!”

Service:“Hi, i’m the client satisfaction manager at (dealership) and I wanted to congratulate you on your purchase of your vehicle. It’s been (# days/months) since your purchase, and your first maintenance appointment will be due soon. Our factory-trained service technicians are dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible. We can’t wait to see you for your upcoming service appointment on (date and time). When you get to the dealership for your appointment, (provide brief instructions.) This appointment should take us (amount of time) to complete. We look forward to seeing you on (day/time). Take care!”

New inventory email sample

Deciding on and purchasing a vehicle is a big commitment. Some buyers aren’t quite sure what they want yet – and instead want options. An inventory showcase allows you to show off the variety and size of your inventory, so your customer can see all the available options. In these videos, you should let the buyer know that you will help offer guidance and answer any questions as they find the car that best fits their needs. Here is a great car buying email template for this stage in the sales process:

“Hi Ryan! (Your Name) here with (dealership). Thank you so much for reaching out to us to let us know you’re looking for a new work truck. We have a lot of pickup options available on the lot – both new and used. We have a lot of great vehicles available so I thought I’d send over a video to show you what we have here on the lot. *Then proceed into showing around a few options with details* If we want to schedule a quick call, I’d love to hone in on your interests and show you a few more options in detail. Otherwise, feel free to come into the dealership or contact me at any point. Thank you so much, I hope this video was helpful!”

Car walkaround example

Car walkarounds are a staple piece for any dealership. With the virtual world today, car walkarounds are probably the most common and most important video each salesperson should be making. Sending car walkarounds may be helpful to get a few more people into the dealership when sending an end of the month car sales email. Remember to show features, the interior, the exterior, the condition of the vehicle – especially if a used vehicle, and any other important detail. We will show a video example of a car walkaround video – we don’t have a script because each one of these is highly personalized to each dealership/make/model. Take a look at the video example below and for more best practices and to learn about how to record a vehicle walkaround, check out our blog covering everything you need to know.

Getting started with video for your dealership

If you want more ideas for auto sales email templates, free, download our ebook made for automotive dealerships. In the ebook we share some video scripts and email templates for car sales and also provide real-life video examples to get an idea of how other dealerships are using video. This ebook also includes email templates for after hours emails, thank you emails, unsold showroom visits, and more.

If you are interested in using video in your outreach and want to learn more about video messaging and even texting your customers then reach out to us at Covideo. Covideo is a video message platform designed for the automotive industry. You can easily record, send, and track your videos. Make a great first impression with an introductory video, keep the buyer engaged by sending videos throughout the buying process, and increase sales by using video in your car sales referral email template. We know many dealerships use texting in their cadence, our SMS feature is uber user friendly. For more information on the feature and car sales text message templates, check out our blog that highlights our new SMS for dealerships feature. See it live with a demo from an auto expert!


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