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Car sales tips to sell more cars

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Get buyers in the dealership with these car sales tips

The best car sales tips all involve video. Using video in the car sales process increases your contact ratio, appointment set-to-show ratio, and overall sales.

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Car Sales Tips

The pandemic and social distancing have caused a herd of new challenges for the automotive industry and their salespeople. The industry has seen a significant shift to online buying. Buyers are spending more time researching their next vehicle online before coming to the dealership. As a result, the McKinsey report claims the average buyer only visits 1.6 auto dealerships while car shopping. Ten years ago, this average was 5 dealerships.

There’s a number of reasons why we are seeing a shift in car buyer’s behavior. First, some common complaints car buyers have are that they don’t trust car salesmen, they feel enormous pressure when at the dealership, and hate being bothered when looking at the cars on the lot.

Buying a car is a big deal. It is an emotional purchase that isn’t cheap. So, the best car sales strategies start with improving the car buying experience and building trust with each buyer. In this article, we will give you insight on some of the best car selling techniques and car salesman tips to increase appointments, show rates, engagement, sales, and trust. It will also cover our top car sales tips, strategies on how to be the best car salesman at your store, and how to sell more cars month after month.


Car selling techniques to attract new customers

Lots of General Managers and General Sales Managers are looking for new car selling techniques that will increase foot traffic in their dealerships – Covideo is the solution. Covideo is a video email platform designed for the auto industry. Video email is such a powerful and effective tool because individuals are no longer taking the time to read long, lengthy emails. With Covideo you can easily record, send, and track personalized videos. In addition, dealers can get access to reports that show who is viewing the video, how many times, and see which videos are performing the best. The admin account can get access to reports as a team or individual to see each team member’s success.

Covideo was first in the market for video email starting back in 2004. We have grown and fluctuated with the ever-changing needs of the consumers. With so many years of experience, we have a strong footing with the auto industry. Building trust from the start, keeping the buyer engaged, and providing superior service are all key indicators to consider when learning how to attract customers to a car dealership and when trying to research how good car salesmen get leads. This is all possible with video email.

Oftentimes, many car buyers are hesitant to trust car salesmen. Instead, change your prospect’s outlook by instantly building trust from the start. Make a great first impression with a personalized video introducing yourself and the dealership. Their inboxes are already flooded with automated emails, so stand out in the inbox and prove your value. After building that trust, it is easier to keep the buyer engaged. You can eliminate the no-shows by adding a video saying how excited you are for the upcoming appointment, invite the “be-backs” back by sending a personalized follow up, and send thoughtful video messages throughout the process. Once you have kept them engaged and converted them, you can continue providing superior service. Send video service reminders and show them proof of the repair need. This will keep people coming back and generate more referrals. Or, even better, using video is a great strategy for converting service customers to car sales customers in the future. It’s the small aspect of using video that creates some key wins for dealerships. Investing in an affordable, yet powerful video tool like Covideo pays off in the long run for raising a car salesman salary!


How to sell more cars

Incorporating video into the outreach process has proven to increase customer engagement, build trust, and separates you from your competition. This increases your contact ratio and gets more buyers into your dealership. Here are a few ways on how to increase car sales for salesman by using video in the sales process:

  • First Response to Internet Leads – Introduce yourself and your dealership to make a lasting, personalized impression.
  • Vehicle Walkarounds – Record and send a 360 degree walk around of a particular vehicle to highlight special features, color, and condition. Use it to showcase additional inventory on the lot.
  • Appointment Reminders – Send video reminders of an upcoming appointment to increase show rates. Relay any additional information that may be necessary, like Covid-19 precautions they may have to take while in the store.
  • Unsold Follow Up – Try to earn the prospect`s business by sending a personal follow up video email asking if they are still searching for a new vehicle.
  • Customer Thank Yous – The relationship doesn’t stop after the deal. Continue building the relationship after the transaction by sending a personalized thank you message and ask for any referrals.
  • Training – Record and send any demonstrations on how to operate special features, like GPS navigation, entertainment systems, and driver settings.

Video is a powerful tool for the service department as well. Using video to highlight the current condition of a customer’s vehicle creates a positive customer experience, which will maintain their business and generate referrals. Referrals are a critical step in how to sell more cars at a dealership. Better yet, you can even turn some of your existing service customers into new or used car purchasers when its time for them to buy a new vehicle. Using video is one of the best strategies for converting service customers to car sales customers in the future. Here are a few service use cases:

  • Service and Repair Updates – Show real-time proof of service or repair needs that eliminates the doubt and builds trust through transparency. Make the customer feel confident with visual proof.
  • Service Reminders – Notify customers of any upcoming service appointments.
  • Present Pricing – Customers are less price-sensitive when they can see and understand the recommendations. The average repair order is increased by $100 when video is used.

These are just a few of the many ways on how to sell more cars every month with video and how to get more customers as a car salesman.


Car sales tips: Value of a positive first impression

An internet sales manager or internet car salesman has many responsibilities. Their main focus is to get online customers into the dealership. Without having face-to-face interaction this job can be very challenging. Not to mention, the typical lead sends out inquiries to numerous dealerships, and then only follows up with one or two. This job requires the ability to provide each lead with quick and personalized service in an instant. Providing a positive first impression will make your dealership stand out amongst competitors, increase engagement, and is how to increase internet car sales. Video is the easiest way to solve these problems.

Here are some internet car sales tips for an initial lead follow up:

  1. Say their name in the video. Personalizing the message just for them shows that they are important and you care about them. They`ll also know who to look for when they do come into the dealership.
  2. Introduce yourself and your dealership.
  3. Answer any questions they may have.
  4. Include a call-to-action in your video, and use custom CTA buttons as well.
  5. Keep the video short, preferably around 30 seconds.

One factor that’s important to note is timeliness. Your personalized follow up video should be sent instantly. Many buyers will go to the dealership who is first to follow up and stands out amongst the others.

Not sure what to say? Try something along the lines of, “ Hi John, this is x at y dealership. I wanted to send you a video to personally introduce myself and put a face to a name. I saw you were interested in the Toyota Model B and I wanted to touch base and let you know we do have a version of that vehicle on the lot. I can send you a video of the make and model we have available and answer any additional questions you have. If you like what you see, let’s schedule a time to come in and take it for a test drive – just click that button below to do so. Take care and I look forward to seeing you soon.” Buyers are only visiting about 1-2 dealerships instead of 5 like they were 10 years ago. Put together all of these tips on selling cars for a salesman, and it will increase the chances of it being your dealership they choose.


Extra car sales tips before getting started

We have some additional car selling strategies and tips for those that are ready to start using video! Like any tool, it’s important to use video messaging for the appropriate scenarios in the most effective manner. Use video email when sending a first response to an internet lead, vehicle walkarounds, showing off features, appointment reminders, customer thank yous, and follow ups for an unsold prospect. Before recording, consider the following video sales tips for car salesman:

  1. Make eye contact. Look at the camera not the screen.
  2. Fix the lighting. Make sure the light source is in front of you.
  3. Maintain engagement. Aim to keep vehicle walkarounds under 2 minutes and non-walk arounds under 1 minute.
  4. Record horizontally. When recording vehicle walkarounds, flip your phone and record horizontally to get more of the car in the frame.
  5. Ditch the script. Reading word-for-word sounds rehearsed and impersonal. Instead, try delivering your message off-the-cuff so that it’s authentic and conversational.
  6. Power through mistakes. Trying to get a “perfect” take will lead to lots of frustration and wasted time. Little imperfections show you’re human, making you even more relatable.
  7. Include calls to action. To drive action, include clear next steps at the end of your videos.

Dealerships win with video when it’s adopted as a standard tool within their process and used as part of greater strategy. Remember these key car salesman tricks and car salesman tactics.

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Car sales training for your dealership

With Covideo, each dealership gets a dedicated account manager who will provide your team of car salesman, training on how to use Covideo. This will be an available resource for you for as long as you are a Covideo user. You can be the most successful if you have the proper video car sales training, tips, and know the best strategies. There’s no need to be a video expert of any sort to use it to get started. It’s very easy to get the hang of it and to become a natural with only a little video car sales training! Learn all the tips and tricks of video in the sales process during your session of automotive sales training for new hires with your very own account manager.


The power of video in creating a virtual dealership

Wondering how to be a good car salesman during this pandemic? We don’t blame you, it hasn’t been easy. Social restrictions are causing a whirlwind of challenges and a need to pivot. The best car sales advice is to use video. Using video and following the video car sales tips above is how to be a successful car salesman. You’ll increase leads, show rates, sales, and create life long customers. Video is such a powerful tool that you don’t want to miss out on.

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