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Car salesman tips for selling more cars

It’s time to enhance the car buying experience with video. Send personalized videos that stand out from your competition, bring more buyers into your dealership, and sell more cars.


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Car Salesman Tips to Get More Customers

For sales professionals looking for creative ways to sell more cars, it can be a painful road. Do you find yourself wondering how to sell more cars every month? Overcoming sales objects and trying to be a good car salesman doesn’t come without effort, which is why the most successful car salespeople are continually looking for tips to gain more customers. If you have been through all the online training that you can find, browsed through automotive sales training material and even stooped to reading a door to door sales training manual PDF — it’s time to try something out-of-the-box.

Determining how to get more customers as a car salesman doesn’t have to be difficult, or boring or demeaning. You simply need to learn the skills necessary to connect with your audience on what is becoming an increasingly digital car-buying journey. Let’s explore some new marketing tools for car salesmen and see how you can leverage these tips to supercharge your sales career. In this article, we’ll cover:

  • How to get more car sales leads
  • How to attract customers to car dealership
  • How to increase car sales for salesman
  • How to sell more cars every month, month after month

Car Salesman Tips 

The automotive industry is loaded with negative connotations that could cause your prospects to take anything that you say with a grain of salt — that sales professionals are only interested in boosting their commission as opposed to helping their customers. You know the truth: your job is much more about becoming a professional advisor to your clients than simply trying to run up their bill with add-ons that aren’t needed. Creating a persona that offers a helpful and convenient way for prospects to learn more about the complicated world of cars requires stepping outside the world of text-based emails and phone calls and making a more personal connection with your prospects.

Providing your customers with a friendly, transparent experience starts with building a relationship, something that can be challenging when you are focused in a text-based world. With video emails, you are able to present information in a more dynamic way, helping your customers feel special and encouraging them to engage more deeply with the process. With the user-friendly Covideo software, car sales professionals are able to humanize the auto selling process by recording a quick video introduction of both yourself and the vehicle that you are featuring. Putting a face and voice to your name strengthens the ties between sales professionals and their prospects.

How To Get More Customers as a Car Salesman

Whether you are a first-time car salesman or have been in the profession for years, you are probably wondering how to get more customers as a car salesman. Selling today is a very personal interaction, and that is particularly true for large-ticket items such as automobiles. The most successful car salespeople have exceptional interpersonal skills, as well as the ability to overcome car sales objections in a way that prospects are willing to hear and accept. A good salesperson needs to be continually looking for ways to communicate their trustworthiness, which is why video-based tools such as Covideo are such an important component of the selling process. When you incorporate personalized video into your car sales process, you are indicating to your prospects that you are being transparent and sharing information that is valuable and worth their time. It’s one of simplest ways for car salesman to get more customers!

When car sales professionals take the time to provide a more individualized approach to selling they are more likely to get a prospect on the phone, in their dealership — and heading out the door with keys in hand!

Car Sales Tip: Use Video To Sell More Cars

Okay, you’re convinced that videos are the way to go if you want to close more car sales, but how can you get started? Fortunately, it’s easier than you might realize with Covideo. There are two key use-cases for video marketing at a car dealership: a training and communication tool for upper management and the one-on-one selling that can be accomplished by individual car sales professionals.

Start sending vehicle walkarounds today and see just how powerful personalized video is for your dealership. Try Covideo for free, no credit card required.

Upper Management: Boosting Sales Proficiency

Do you have superstar sales professionals that seem to have a car sales objections and responses template in their head? While you don’t want to take your top salesperson off the lot to do a lot of training, you can leverage their insight and share it with others simply by recording a quick video! With Covideo, you can easily capture and broadly share information such as training videos, sales quotas, sales objections handling examples and more. Consider creating scenarios where your superstar sales pros act out a scene — clearly demonstrating body language and messages that will help close the sale.

Car Sales Tip: Build Trust With Prospects

Just as sales tips can be taught on video by upper management, car sales professionals can also leverage video to create a positive interaction in a short period of time. The dynamic nature of video email is made even more exciting by the ability for salespeople to quickly record a video right on the lot — no special equipment or fancy sound stage required! Covideo allows car salespeople a key marketing tool without a huge investment of time, as you can quickly create a video directly from your mobile phone. When you are attempting to outpace the competition, prospects opening their email to find a friendly and welcoming video that has been personalized for their needs are much more likely to give you a call than the dealer down the street who sent a simple text-based email.

If nothing else, a personalized video message shows your prospects that you wanted to make a few minutes of your day all about THEM, an incredibly powerful tool in the world of car marketing and sales. When you are able to share a custom video via email, you will surprise and delight warm leads from the internet — especially if you take the time to grab your smartphone and give prospects a quick tour of the vehicle they were interested in.

Car Sales Tip: Provide Automotive Sales Training for New Hires

One of the most important aspects of selling includes body language, tone of voice, attitude and responses to common prospect requests — all auto sales training that will help people who are struggling with how to become a car salesman with no experience. When you utilize Covideo to train new hires, you allow each individual to learn best practices for car selling from a seasoned professional, all without taking your top sales pro out of the selling field. Knowing that you can return to the advice repeatedly as your understanding of how to be a good car salesman grows creates a positive environment where sales professionals realize that their dealership is fully invested in helping them become a success.

With a simple video, top car sales professionals are able to help new salesmen overcome price objections, create a positive atmosphere or trust with their prospects, perform a needs assessment for car sales and more. Each step that your new sales professionals take on their journey can be aided with video. You might even find that one-on-one mentoring is a way to bring new car salespeople up to speed with ideas and new selling techniques from sales professionals from sister dealerships or dealer partners.

Take Covideo for a test drive today and get more prospects into your dealership, and walking out with new keys in hand.

Integrate Video Into Your Car Selling Process

The team at Covideo is continually looking for ways to help boost sales productivity, reduce costs for training and offer a best-in-class customer experience for prospects. We have created a series of blog posts targeted specifically for car sales professionals to address common concerns including 4 Steps to Increase Your Sales and the Use of Video Email in the Automotive Industry. We have even created a free eBook that you can download sharing a variety of templates that car sales professionals can use for adding video marketing to their selling process.

Start Selling More Cars At The Dealership Today

Seeing the value of video in your outreach efforts isn’t difficult. It simply makes sense that your personal interaction with customers is what is often needed to create a sense of familiarity with your brand and with you personally. You can learn to overcome objections and create actionable, memorable emails that your prospects simply have to click with Covideo. There’s no need to take our word for it — you can get started immediately with zero obligation when you test-drive Covideo with our complimentary 14-day trial. Make videos. Break down digital walls between you and your prospects. Share your best industry secrets. There are no limits to the way you can leverage Covideo to shorten the selling process and improve your close rates!

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