7 Car Salesman Tips on How to Sell More Cars

Whether you are a first-time car salesman or have been in the profession for years, you’re always eager and wondering how to increase car sales and sell more cars month after month. It’s no doubt that the automotive industry has been shifting gears, as buyers are spending more time online before coming on the lot. As a result, the McKinsey report says the average buyer visits just 1.6 auto dealerships while car shopping. Ten years ago, this average was 5 dealerships. 

Therefore, it’s critical to get your online customers into your dealership versus your competitors, because once you have them, chances are you’ll be their main, or only, option. 

Check out our top car sales tips to get more customers on the phone, in your dealership — and heading out the door with new keys in hand!

How to sell more cars at a dealership

Whether your customer is “just looking,, “I’ll be back” or is shopping around at other dealerships, we’ve gathered our top tips to sell more cars and improve the car buying experience. The secret is to stand out from the first interaction with the customer. This will create a wow effect and set you apart from your competition. So how do you get your dealership to stand out? Let’s dive in. Check out our top strategies that increase engagement, responses, and sell more cars.

1. Incorporate personalized video

First and foremost, you need a digital strategy that will get your customers off the couch and into your store to sell more cars. Try using video email throughout your sales process to help you stand out in the inbox, while building trust and rapport with buyers. Personalized video emails are are one-off videos, recorded for a specific individual, and therefore are highly personalized. You can send introduction videos when an internet lead comes in, record a vehicle walkaround, showcase your inventory, respond to questions more in-depth, or send appointment reminders. Seeing is believing – and video allows buyers to see their options from the convenience of their home, all while adding an invaluable touch of personalization to the sales process.

2. Remember names and repeat them often

Remembering someone’s name is a simple action that can yield many benefits when selling cars. It’s the first step in developing a relationship, and makes an individual feel more comfortable and connected to you. When a new buyer visits your dealership, remember their name and repeat it occasionally throughout your conversation. Buying a car is a big decision, so you want to make sure you establish that connection and make your customer feel as comfortable as possible. 

This step is just as important on the digital side too. When an internet lead comes in, you have one shot to stand out amongst the other dealerships they’re likely requesting information from. Rather than following up with a traditional phone call or email, send a personalized video email to immediately establish a connection. Write the lead’s name on a whiteboard, hold it up at the start of your video, and record a short video introducing yourself, and providing more information about their inquiry. This increases the chances that they’ll come in for a test drive – and when they do, they’ll know who to look for for car sales.

3. Listen to the details and provide value 

If you’re in sales, you’re probably pretty good at talking. But, the best salespeople are even better listeners. Take the time to listen to your customers and understand their wants and needs. The best car salesman can provide the best options for customers, even if they’re not direct with what they want.  If a family says they like to travel, you know to find cars with top notch infotainment systems, extra cargo space, and safety tech features like driver adaptive cruise control. 

Video is one of the best ways to empathize with your customers and build trust apart from in person interactions. So even when you’re not meeting face to face, you can still win over customers and get one step closer to selling more cars.

4. Show the car beforehand

Buyers are more informed than ever before. We rely on google for insight on new features, compare pricing and learn about safety precautions – but pictures can only do so much justice. Before a customer even steps foot on the lot, record and send vehicle walkarounds videos showcasing the car(s) the buyer is interested in. This provides a 360 degree view of the car and lets the buyer see what options are available at your dealership. This step creates convenience for the buyer, saving them time and energy as they determine what they are looking for in their next car. We would consider this step one of the most critical if you want to sell more cars.

Check out this automotive video email example of a vehicle walkaround.

5. Stay in touch – even after the deal

Be sure to continue to follow up with your buyers – regardless of what stage they are in of the sales cycle. For new inquiries, reach out and introduce yourself,  answer any questions, or offer to send vehicle walkarounds of cars they may be interested in. Stay in touch with “Be Backs” and follow up on their recent visit and their status. Reconnect with old leads that never purchased and send videos of new models you have based on their previous interests. This gesture adds a touch of personalization and shows that you remembered their needs and are still looking out for them.

Lastly, it’s important to follow up even after the sale is over. Send a personalized video email thanking them for choosing your dealership, and sending your best wishes that they enjoy their new car. Let them know you are here for their future needs, and this is a perfect opportunity to ask for referrals, having them send interested buyers your way. When you stay in touch, your dealership will be top of mind when the time comes to purchase, and you could even earn a customer for life and sell more cars.

6. Be the first and last face they see 

To be the best car salesman and sell more cars, your face should the first interaction they have with your dealership – whether they contacted you in person or online. Establish that initial relationship and be by their side to help them through the entire process, and even after the sale is made. 

7. Provide the best car buying experience 

Buyers have endless options, and nowadays, they could even purchase entirely online if they wanted. So when they step foot on your lot, there’s a reason – and that reason is you! Showcase your knowledge, be open to help, and stay patient as the buyer comes to a decision. 

Using personalized video throughout the car sales process is one of the most valuable ways you can continue building a relationship with your customers and provide the best possible car buying experience that will leave a lasting impression. Ultimately, if each customer has a positive experience, that’s the first step towards selling more cars.

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