2812, 2016

Mortgage: Video Email Applications

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Mortgage rates have officially increased, making competition among lenders even more fierce in an industry where there is already little differentiation between what is offered. Taking extra measures to stand out and provided superior customer service is more important now than ever.

Enter video email. Video email has the ability to improve name recognition, prospect-to-sale conversions, and overall impressions of a broker and the business they represent. And, a video is often the only way to have personal, visual communication […]

611, 2015

How to create winning marketing videos

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Shhh…you didn’t hear it from us but we’ve got a cheat sheet with 3 killer tips to make any marketing video shine. Just follow these three tips to start racking up video views and bring in continuous business.

Secret #1: Use Emotions Instead of Hard Sells.
Instead of making the entire video a call to action bring a human element to your video by showing how your brand and/or service impacts your customer’s life.

Secret #2: Start a […]

2910, 2015

Are you maximizing your time?

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Time management can be a difficult skill for even the best entrepreneurs. People often go to extreme measure to gain extra productivity time, but it is not necessary to cut back on things like sleep and exercise to get the most out of the day. Putting business ahead of health is a blind spot that we are all often guilty of.

It is often the case that we are doing too much of the wrong things, […]

2509, 2015

Don’t work harder, work SMARTER

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You know that old saying, “Time is money, money is time,” well it’s true. Make better use of your time; the solution is easier than you think.

1) Become a faster reader.
Think about how much of your day is consumed by reading, now imagine cutting that time in half. Read faster without breaking each word down by syllable. It will not only help you move through text faster, but it increases the speed at which you […]

909, 2015

NOT using video is something you can’t afford

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Creating great video used to be available to a select few aka big brands with big marketing budgets. The ability to create good video required an expensive process handled by “professionals.”

The balance of power has shifted. Now everyone with a smartphone can walk around with an HD camera right in their pocket. Not to mention, new technology makes it easy to create high quality video with just a few clicks.

The Key to Video ROI
It’s true, […]

2107, 2015

Take a Break for Productivity!

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It’s no lie that spending too much time in the office can make you go a bit stir crazy. Taking regular breaks throughout the day has been believed to be an easy and enjoyable way to boost productivity and help your mind regroup. However, experts are now saying a certain type of break is more effective than others.

Business development expert, Anna Johansson believes, “Ideally, you should encourage your employees to use their breaks in creative […]

2004, 2015

Maintaining Motivation

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We know you love your job, but sometimes motivation levels can fall and productivity can suffer. It is important that you take the necessary steps to understand what motivates you. Is it a quote, a family photo, or a promotion? Keep your eye on the prize by remembering your ultimate work goals. You should know what you are doing, why you are doing it, and what success looks like.

Everyone experiences an ebb and flow of […]