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1204, 2018

Why your business needs video

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Let’s face it, video era has arrived in all aspects of our personal and professional lives. Everywhere you look, starting from your smartphone, tablet or desktop view,  the conclusion is always the same – the fastest and most effective way of delivering information is through the power of video. Starting from our very selves, everyone agrees that video is the pioneer of modern day communication. Video has found its place in many aspects of companies’ […]

2603, 2018

What’s Keeping Dealerships From Using Video?

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Back in February, I spoke at a Digital Dealer workshop in Chicago and was invited to do the same next month at the annual Digital Dealer conference in Orlando. As I reflect on my previous session in Chicago and look forward to sharing my expertise in video in Orlando, I wanted to address and resolve some hesitations about using video that arose.
In addition to my talk, roughly 90% of the breakout sessions at the […]

103, 2018

Automotive: 4 steps to increase your sales

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Who are the people that call you by your first name? For most people, it is family and friends. Those are the ones who know us best and who we feel attached to because we are sharing our most important moments with them. So when somebody who doesn’t know you as good as your family and friends calls you by your name, you will probably feel appreciated and respected. This is why a good salesperson […]

2102, 2018

Who is Watching Your Covideo?

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Stop chasing dead-end leads and missing out on your most qualified ones. Instead, use your time wisely by tracking your success and making better-informed decisions. With Covideo real-time analytics find out how many times the video message has been viewed, which parts of the video and how many exit links clicked.
Video Insights
How? Piece of cake! Find a video in your Covideo library and click on the blue underlined number in the “Views” columns and get […]

502, 2018

Fireside Chat Episode 4: J.R. White

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J.R. White of Tom Wood Toyota in Indianapolis, IN took the time to tell us how he uses Covideo in his position.


Name: J.R. White

Company: Tom Wood Toyota

Position: Used Car Manager


Covideo user for: 2+ years

Frequency of use: Daily



As a born and raised Indiana native, J.R graduated from Ball State University in 2005 with a B.S. in Criminal Justice and Criminology. After college, J.R. got into the automotive business by chance. A friend talked […]

2804, 2017

The Dual Purpose of “Thank You”

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This is not a post about the importance of saying “thank you” in business (and life in general). Let’s go ahead and assume that you’re always following up to offer your appreciation after the close. What this IS about is getting the most out of that thank you message.

Sending a simple thank you or message of appreciation for someone’s business is fast, easy and sets up a perfect opportunity to ask for that customer’s referrals […]

603, 2017

Eliminating the Memo in Favor of Video

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One CEO is revolutionizing the way her company communicates internally – and she’s doing it with video. Julie Sweet – CEO of Accenture’s North American division – banned the use of memos (insert Office Space quote). Instead, employees are encouraged to utilize video – either live-streamed or taped. Here are some of the ways Sweet used to describe her team’s internal communication via video:
“…more authentic and less scripted.”
“…encourages real conversation and problem solving.”
Any of this […]

3011, 2016

The #1 Way To Reduce Email Unsubscribe Rates

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Ok, so if you read our blog post – Unsubscribe: A Must-Have for Mass Email Marketing – you’ve either added an unsubscribe/opt-out button to your emails or patted yourself on the back for already having it. Well done!

Now that we’ve talked about the possibility of a virtual breakup (aka the unsubscribe button), let’s talk about nurturing the relationship. Let’s assume we all know and understand that first and foremost quality content is key. But in […]

1611, 2016

Unsubscribe: A Must-Have for Mass Email Marketing

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The unsubscribe button can be an uncomfortable topic in the world of mass email marketing, but we’re gonna go all Judy Blume on this and have “the talk.”

If you’re like most companies/business owners you’re utilizing mass email marketing as one of your primary e-campaign tools. And while we’ll forever sing the praises of the power of personalized video email, we acknowledge that sending out emails in mass certainly has its place. Email is one of […]

911, 2016

Majority of Email Opens From Mobile

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A recently-updated blog post entitled The Ultimate Mobile Email Stats from is a wealth of statistical knowledge for those of us in the email marketing game. One of the most important being this:
Mobile represents 55% of all email opens, webmail 26%, desktop 19% – Litmus ”Email Analytics” (March 2016)
So what does this mean? You better be paying closer attention to your precious emails and how they’re viewed via mobile. Here are some other stats to back-up […]