1406, 2018

UX design helps you better connect with your audience

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Danijel joined the Covideo family as an UX Designer in January 2018. He is a multidisciplinary designer, focusing on UX/UI design, brand strategy and crafting usable and beautiful digital products. Over the past 15 years, he has contributed to many successful projects, ranging from websites, web applications to mobile apps, both as a freelancer and in-house designer.

COVIDEO: You had worked as a designer for 15 years before you joined Covideo. What is it about it […]

1302, 2012

Small Yet Powerful iPhone 4S Camera Lenses

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If you love the readiness of your iPhone 4S camera but long for better zoom or wide angle shots, then we may have found the solution!  Photojojo offers 3 surprisingly powerful, mini lenses: Fisheye, Macro/ Wide Angle and Telephoto 2X.  The high-clarity glass lenses easily attach to your iPhone 4S (or any camera phone) using a detachable magnetic ring for a strong hold between the lens and phone.  Lens covers are included for protection and the mini storage bag fits in your pocket.  The price for the lens 3 pack is $50. […]

2907, 2011

The Evolution of DSLR Cameras to HD Video

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When I was asked to research video cameras for an upcoming office purchase, I was surprised to discover how far DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) cameras have come since the first fully digital SLR camera was introduced by Kodak in 1991.  Their 1.3 mega-pixel DCS-100, was only available to professionals at a cost of $30,000.  Over the next nine years a number of companies began developing their own DSLR cameras.  In January of 2000, Fujifilm introduced the […]

704, 2011

Webcams vs Flip Video Camcorders

By |April 7th, 2011|Tech|4 Comments

New customers often ask us for camera recommendations.  The questions used to start with,  “Which webcam should I buy?”  Recently that’s changed to,  “Should I buy a webcam or a video camera, and which ones are best?”  The reason for this shift is the emergence of small, easy-to-use mini camcorders.  (We will focus on the popular Flip Video Camcorder in our comparison.)  Gone are the days of lugging around a bulky camcorder.  Today, you can take high quality video with a device that fits in […]

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