2511, 2016

NOT using video is something you can’t afford

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Creating great video used to be available to a select few aka big brands with big marketing budgets. The ability to create good video required an expensive process handled by “professionals.” The balance of power […]

1411, 2016

Seeing is Succeeding!

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The data has proven that video is the optimal tool for marketing and sales lead generation for your business. But if you’re looking for some numbers to quell any remaining doubts, here are some key […]

2610, 2016

Attract viewers with video snapshots

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We’ve completely revamped the look of our email body to include a Video Snapshot Email Icon. Find out how to attract viewers with video snapshots!

Email recipients are drawn to video snapshots and studies have shown click-to-open rates increase […]

1010, 2016

8 Key Marketing Benefits of Video Email

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The obvious benefits of a great marketing strategy are increased sales.  However, it’s the not-so-obvious benefits that can mean real, lasting success for a business.  Obviously, video email provides key marketing benefits that improve not only your profits but […]

1308, 2016

Video – A Communication Standard

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Over the past several years video has become commonplace on social media, entertainment and news websites as an information source. Indeed, we can say that video is a communication standard. Nearly everything from standup comedy […]

2507, 2016

Videos are the future of marketing

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You don’t want your business to be left out in the cold, right? Then it’s time to stop ignoring video marketing. The rise of video content has been one of the biggest shifts in technology […]

2605, 2016

Why do they say a video is worth a million words?

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Today’s world is fast paced. For that reason many consumers are jumping ship from traditional marketing and would prefer a short video rather than a long article to describe a product, service, or concept. According […]

2604, 2016

Working From Home

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Being a part of a small business certainly has its ups and downs. You are a valued team member, your input is critical and your presence is definitely noticed. But what if your company is […]

1004, 2016

Video Email: Part of Delearship Internet Strategy

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More and more dealerships are finding the internet, and specifically video mail, an effective way to reach customers and drive sales.  The September issue of Auto Dealer Monthly.com highlights one such dealership, Acton Toyota of […]

1004, 2016

New direct video upload to Youtube

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In previous blog posts we’ve discussed the importance of creating enduring (or reusable) videos to decrease workload and increase productivity.  Examples of enduring videos include: introductions, thank you messages, product overviews, testimonials, FAQ’s, service benefits, industry […]

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