406, 2018

How to record business videos with your smartphone

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If you wish to know how important is a smartphone in today’s world, just ask a simple question in the streets: What’s the time? How many people would check their watch instead of their phone? To help you answer this question, there will be 2.5 billion smartphones in the world by 2019, and that number is expected to increase over the years. The smartphone usage is everything but limited. It is so well integrated into […]

2805, 2018

Why are people still using Outlook?

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While Gmail is still the number one email service for most users, it’s rival Outlook is seriously climbing it’s way up. From the business point of view, Office 365 is the right choice to keep their organizations productive and satisfied due to a few flaws in Gmail. Whether you are a Gmail or Outlook user, one thing is for sure: emails are the most effective and the most common communication tool in the business world. […]

2405, 2018

How to create powerful videos for social media

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We can say that the world of video marketing is constantly evolving. A few years ago, companies were still skeptical towards their presence on social media, whereas now it would be hard to imagine marketing without it. With so many options that allow companies to improve their brand awareness, create a stronger relationship with their customers, present their values to their audience and, ultimately, sell their product or service online, it is expected that the […]

1705, 2018

3 reasons why you need video testimonials in your business

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Testimonials are more important than you think. Today we are constantly being distracted by advertisements wherever we look. With new rivals appearing in each industry, attracting customers and gaining their trust is becoming a challenge. Companies are constantly finding new ways to reach the hearts of potential customers with new personalized and unique approaches that make them stand out. Even though these approaches are the ones capturing the eye, establishing trust is even tougher. This […]

1005, 2018

3 must-have company videos

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Every company wants to capture its website visitor’s attention right away and there is no better way to do so than with video. It is known that the popularity of video is growing rapidly, appearing on most company websites lately. Video has the power to display and demonstrate better than any other marketing tool and we are not surprised videos on landing pages increase conversions by 86%. Therefore, you cannot afford not to add videos […]

905, 2018

“There is a huge spike in video usage among recruiters and HR professionals!”

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The best way to describe TalentLyft is as a software that helps companies of all sizes optimize their talent acquisition strategies. It helps HR professionals streamline their hiring efforts, find, attract and hire talented people to fill their job openings.  We had a talk with TalentLyft’s Head of Marketing Kristina Martić who is informed about all the recruitment trends across the globe.



COVIDEO: What are your responsibilities in TalentLyft? How does your day look like?
I am […]

705, 2018

“During Hurricane Harvey we video communicated with our customers”

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Gregg Blanchard started his Allstate Agency in 2007, achieved Rookie of the year status and has qualified for Circle of Champions for Allstate Insurance 9 years running. Before starting his insurance agency, he was the owner of a highly successful Real Estate franchise in South Florida. He has been a passionate Covideo user for two years and a true believer in video usage in the insurance industry.
The first time Gregg heard of Covideo was when […]

305, 2018

How To Overcome Being Camera Nervous

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Personalization, personalization, personalization…are you slowly getting tired of hearing this word used in describing marketing and sales approaches? But even though we hear it that often, marketers still got a point – personalization is a well known strategy to sales success. And what better way to personalize your sales approach than with video? This is why recording videos is becoming a must, but unfortunately, people still can’t overcome the discomfort of recording themselves. As human […]

2503, 2016

Ever wondered why you really procrastinate?

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I can always get to it tomorrow, right? How many times have you asked yourself this question, and what is the real reason we desire to put work off? Procrastination is the habit of putting off important, less pleasurable tasks by doing something that’s easier or more pleasurable. Email, Twitter, Facebook, food, and Netflix are a procrastinator’s best friends. But, if we really want to beat procrastination we first must understand it, here are the […]

803, 2016

A great mentor is key to early success.

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Those fortunate enough to have great mentors know that they provide immense opportunities for personal and professional growth. They provide important guidance and can even help open doors to big breaks. If you are hoping to find a valuable mentor/mentee relationship, here is where to start:

Don’t be too afraid to seek it out. Young professionals are the people that will most benefit from this relationship and they are often too timid to pursue it. […]

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