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1801, 2018

Covideo Capture

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Want to do business face-to-face but your schedule and location just won’t allow it? Finally, the time of writing lengthy emails with bullet points, clipped images and text explanations has come to an end.
To get a head start in 2018, Covideo has a new solution for you – Covideo Capture, the easy to use software from Covideo that allows you to record yourself and your screen all at once. Now you are even able to […]

2712, 2017

Covideo for Outlook

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Are you an Outlook 2010, 2013, or 2016 user? Covideo Outlook Add-in is integrated directly into your Outlook account so that you can create and send video emails to your contacts in a snap! 
No more switching from one system to another, just click on the Covideo toolbar within Outlook and you’re ready to go! Want to use previously recorded videos? No problem! With easy access to your saved videos, Covideo Outlook Add-in gives you the […]

2702, 2015

New Year, New Office

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So you may have heard through the grapevine that we recently moved our office from West Lafayette to Indianapolis. 2015 was fast approaching so we kicked off the new year with a BANG. Here’s a peek inside Covideo’s new Indy digs.


1802, 2015

Now Working From Home ≠ Loss in Productivity

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Being a part of a small business certainly has its ups and downs. You are a valued team member, your input is critical and your presence is definitely noticed. But what if your company is moving locations, there is inclement weather, or even worse, you come down with the flu? “Working from home” used to have a negative connotation, but perceptions are changing and employers and employees alike are realizing that it isn’t code for […]

2701, 2015

It’s Not Always About the Benjamins

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It’s the new year and you have the opportunity to set the scene for your employees. Why not kick start it by putting a system in place to motivate your employees and help them feel valued. Sounds great right? But how do you create an effective reward strategy that isn’t based solely on financial rewards?

There are ways to keep your team engaged and passionate and Barbara Corcoran, co-founder of the Corcoran Group, has some great […]

1401, 2015

How to Secure a Meeting with Anyone

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By all measures, you had a great 2014. Numbers were up, clients were happy, and employees were engaged (with some help from Covideo). But now it’s 2015 so how do you make it even better? How do you keep your clients happy, employees passionate, and most importantly, push the needle even further?

As you embark on the new year and put together your sales plan for the coming months, here is some great advice that outlines […]

412, 2014

Seeing is Succeeding

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The data has proven that video is the optimal tool for marketing and sales lead generation for your business. But if you’re looking for some numbers to quell any remaining doubts, here are some key highlights from a report by Vidyard and Ascend2 based on feedback from marketers who have successfully incorporated video in their marketing and lead generation efforts.

71% of respondents confirmed that video converts better than other content
69% of respondents indicated that video […]

2108, 2014

Seeing is Believing

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The burgeoning social media revolution has invented new ways to engage audiences. With the increase in popularity of applications and websites like Vine, Instagram and Pinterest, it is obvious that audiences engage and respond more to visual elements. Did you know that videos are shared on Facebook 12 times more than text posts and links combined, according to Hubspot?


1208, 2014

Don’t Get Mistaken for Spam!

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Let’s be honest. No one likes SPAM, whether referring to canned “meat,” or annoying inbox clutter. To avoid having your emails categorized as SPAM, you should aim to compose communication that is captivating, mesmerizing and attention-grabbing. In the midst of inbox chaos, how can you make your email marketing campaign stand out?


2807, 2014

Personalized Messages Change Everything

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“You never get a second chance to make a first impression” – you’ve heard it time and time again, but the personalized messages – ones that actually mean something to the viewer – are the ones people pay attention to.

How can advertisers best personalize their messages in context and delivery to grab and retain customer interest? […]