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1904, 2018

How to stand out in the mailbox

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How many times have you opened your mailbox to find a neverending list of unread emails waiting for you? This is an issue everyone in the business world deals with, and if you want to be successful, most of these emails are a good sign for your business. But then again, if you are the one sending an introduction email, you want to find a solution to this. So, how can you make your email […]

1804, 2018

How to record a video

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Do you still feel hesitant when it comes to recording a video even though you have no doubt it will make your business more marketable and increase its overall success? No worries,  if you are looking for some tips that will make you shine in front of the camera, we have you back. Keep scrolling down if you are ready to take your recording skills to the next level. Coming up – top five tips […]

1204, 2018

Why your business needs video

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Let’s face it, video era has arrived in all aspects of our personal and professional lives. Everywhere you look, starting from your smartphone, tablet or desktop view,  the conclusion is always the same – the fastest and most effective way of delivering information is through the power of video. Starting from our very selves, everyone agrees that video is the pioneer of modern day communication. Video has found its place in many aspects of companies’ […]

1104, 2018

Simplicity of life with Covideo Chrome Extension

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Wouldn’t it be really cool to have an extension in your favorite browser that gives much needed shortcuts? That’s why, once again, we’ve got your back! Now you can find the Covideo Extension in the Google Chrome browser and download it to your toolbar.

After downloading, you will find the same Covideo icon while constructing a new email. When you click on it, it will open your Covideo library with all your videos inside. Click on the […]

504, 2018

Keep up with the Covideo Mobile App updates

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I am excited to let you know about the new updates that our development team has worked on related to our mobile apps for iOS and Android. With the new updates, you now have the ability to switch your camera view from front to back and vice versa as you’re recording your Covideos as well as the ability to pause during your recording.
These new updates are valuable in the situations where you would like to […]

1503, 2018

6 Myths Holding You Back From Video Communication

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It’s a known fact that people are skeptical or scared of the unknown. It’s so easy to make up excuses for video after all the myths we have heard. Luckily, technology has changed so much in the last 5 years. Just in the last year, the popularity of video content has increased by 80% on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Marketers believe that we can expect video to account for 79% of […]

903, 2018

Progress not perfection

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For people that are just getting started with using video as a communication tool, there seems to be a common initial obstacle as they have an impression that videos need to be perfect and TV quality production.

People want to wait until all of the elements are coming in together whether they want their website to be perfectly updated, to have their makeup and hair done, to be wearing a nice shirt, to have the perfect […]

703, 2018

Video is your new reality

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There is no doubt that video is the future of content and online marketing. Its power can best be shown by the fact that there is more video content reaching audiences every 30 days than the major US TV networks have created in 30 years. It is not a surprise then that companies are including creation of video content as an important item in their budget.
Video content is becoming one of the best marketing […]

103, 2018

Automotive: 4 steps to increase your sales

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Who are the people that call you by your first name? For most people, it is family and friends. Those are the ones who know us best and who we feel attached to because we are sharing our most important moments with them. So when somebody who doesn’t know you as good as your family and friends calls you by your name, you will probably feel appreciated and respected. This is why a good salesperson […]

2102, 2018

Who is Watching Your Covideo?

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Stop chasing dead-end leads and missing out on your most qualified ones. Instead, use your time wisely by tracking your success and making better-informed decisions. With Covideo real-time analytics find out how many times the video message has been viewed, which parts of the video and how many exit links clicked.
Video Insights
How? Piece of cake! Find a video in your Covideo library and click on the blue underlined number in the “Views” columns and get […]