Complete Guide To Recording Company Culture Videos

Every company has its culture.

Actually, every group of people probably has its culture. We can define it as values, practices, and beliefs shared by members of these groups. In the business world, company culture is something that its employees have in common and are eager to share it with those who care. Company culture is something you can’t see or touch, but you can demonstrate it through a wide range of company’s activities. It’s something your employees care about and something your audience will recognize as valuable.

From the people that are checking your company online to see how they would fit your company culture to the people who have spent years and years working there, everyone is affected by your guiding values and principles. So, how can you make sure that the culture your company is presenting inside and outside its walls is something that is trustworthy?


Company culture videos

Luckily, if you think words won’t represent your work culture well enough, you always have the option to record videos. Just think about it, company culture needs to be shown and not told. Therefore, video with its characteristics gives you plenty of options to show what is really important to you and what are you doing to nurture that. For someone who knows just the name of your company or has a few information about what you’re selling, your company culture could be crucial.

However, we have to warn you that creating a strategy for your company culture could backfire on you and your company. Your company culture is a consequence of all your activities, communication and shared values. For instance, saying that your company takes care of its employees by ensuring they don’t work overtime doesn’t make sense if it’s just something you say. Especially if your company was just founded, it makes no sense to say something before you had a chance to prove how important it is to your company. Not only that you have to practice what you preach, but you have to practice before you preach!

Show your company culture

If you wish to show who are your employees, you can always record a video where you highlight what’s important to your company and people that work in it. Think about what you want to show before you start recording. Even though the goal of this video is to show the values and beliefs shared by your employees, it shouldn’t be overwhelming for the viewers. Have a clear focus, choose the main topic of the video and think about your viewers. Of course, some things will be left out, but you can always write them down and use them in your upcoming videos. When recording such a video, you can include a few information about your product or service. Keep in mind it needs to be informative rather than promotional.


Show the product (updates)

With product videos, you can explain and visually exhibit a product’s tangible benefits. The goal of a product video is to emphasize a product’s unique features and demonstrate how it solves issues users are experiencing. While recoding such video, stay professional and informative but add a dose of creativity and fun. Think of those who will be watching your video and tailor it according to their needs.


Day in the office

If you wish to record a different video but also show your company culture, you can record a ‘Day in the office’ video. This type of video is becoming more and more popular, especially when recruiting and searching for new talents. A ‘Day in the office’ video will tell a story of what a candidate can expect if he or she becomes an employee in that company. Show your audience what it’s like to work for your company and why you love it so much! One thing’s for sure, sharing that kind of insight will engage your audience! But, first, you have to decide how you want to engage them.

Record your team buildings

Most companies organize team buildings. They are fun, bring employees closer and remind them why they choose to work for that specific company. When thinking about team building, you should always consider what your employees want. For example, the majority of your employees might be sports enthusiasts. Then, organizing a team building outdoors could be a great way to connect with your employees. This way you will show that you’ve recognized their interests and wanted to do something for them. After all the planning, don’t forget to record clips of your team having fun!


Other than sport, your team could be enthusiastic about recreational activities such as yoga. If you’re one of those companies that appreciate the passion its employees share towards something, you will probably give them the opportunity to enjoy these things while in the office. For instance, you can help them to start their day right by organizing a class of yoga before they jump into their chairs. Don’t forget to record this and show others how they can cheer up the whole office!

Employees are the company’s rockstars

There is one thing that can either make or break your company: your employees. In spite of having the best product on the market or offering a service that’s like no other, employees are the key to your success. They are delivering your message to the audience, and they inform potential customers why they need what you’re selling. With this in mind, why not record a video of your employees? This way you will show your audience who is standing behind your brand name. At the same time, your employees will feel appreciated. Let them know they rock!

Meet the employee

Yes, you can record your employees having fun or sharing their knowledge about something. Why stop there? Why not record your employees individually?

Maybe one person from the HR department just got an award for the best HR professional in your industry. Recording a video of that employee and sharing it on your social channels would be a great idea! There’s no better way of showing how successful your company is than showing how successful your employees are. For example, you can organize a contest ‘Employee of the Month’ and record a video of the winner each month. The video can be used in your newsletters, on your website and shared on your social media accounts. There are so many options and you really shouldn’t limit yourself! Reward your employees and motivate them to be even better!

Connect with other offices

If your company has offices in different countries, why not show how distance is really not important to maintain effective communication? Indeed, most bigger companies have their teams located in different countries. You can record clips of your teams communicating via video platforms and discussing ideas. Thanks to technology, distance is not affecting business processes and communication anymore. How about recording a video where your employees show support or share the enthusiasm with their team from another country?

Include your customers

When talking about company culture, most people will think about the employees and everything that goes on inside that company. But, what about your customers? Shouldn’t they be part of your company culture as well?

The culture of your company is not a one-way communication. Actually, it’s not even two-way, it’s a mass communication! You have gathered your community around your brand. These people share the same or similar interests, needs, and beliefs. You are that glue that holds them together. By including your customers in your company’s video, you will attract your potential customers, too.

Create moments

You don’t have to wait for the perfect moment to show your company culture. You can create it yourself! Similar to team building, there are many experiences you can share with your employees. How about recording a video during a happy hour? These videos that are recorded when everyone is having fun are usually the best way to demonstrate your positive energy. Showing your work environment and team spirit goes beyond the activities you are doing in your office. That’s why your employees will feel more connected to each other if you provide them with options to spend more time together.


Everything can be recorded

There is really no bad ideas when it comes to showing your company culture. The real question is how to show it? Let’s say you have a dog in the office. There is probably no doubt about it: he or she is the most loved creature in the company! If your office pet has a place in each employee’s heart, it will most likely be the same with your audience. Imagine recording a few clips of how your dog, cat or any other animal is spending its day in the office. Your viewers will appreciate you taking everyone and everything into consideration to have a good and healthy company culture.

Words are read, videos are trusted

Once you’ve your company culture videos, you will have to publish them somewhere. Your company’s website is always a good place to start. As a matter of fact, it’s good to have all of your videos published on your website first. They can be included in your blog posts or integrated with other content you have on your website, but always upload your videos there. Why? Let’s say that someone wants to know how much you invest in spending quality time with your employees. The first place where that person will look at is your company’s website.

Including video into newsletters

You can include your videos in your upcoming newsletters you are sending to your audience. Why not inform them how much fun your employees had last week on their team building? Remember, your customers are in contact with your employees. Making customers feel like they know your employees will strengthen the relationship between them. Additionally, testimonials are a great way to inform your newsletter audience how others are already enjoying many benefits your product or service has to offer. Did you know that emails with video have 5.6% greater open rates?

Also, your videos can be posted on your social media accounts. Actually, your videos should definitely be on social media! Video content is the most engaging content, online audiences love it, and search engines adore it! Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat,… find out where your customers are active and start posting your company culture videos there!

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