caitlin marra

“Bad customer support can severely hurt a company’s reputation and success!”

While technically the Director of Account Management, Caitlin Marra also helps to train Covideo users and serves as the company’s resident cheerleader, social chair and general caretaker for all. She joined the Covideo team in August of 2015 and couldn’t be happier about it. In fact, she looks forward to coming to work every day! Caitlin’s a 2013 graduate of Butler University and a lifelong Indianapolis resident. Read the interview and find out what she loves about customer support.

COVIDEO: You have been with Covideo for three years now. Looking back to when you started, why did you want to work in this company?

It was a fresh start. It was a new exciting opportunity to show what I have to offer. I was familiar with the job description, and I had a good skill set to fill the position. I like how inviting everyone was when I met them. It was a good fit and gave me the push in the right direction.

COVIDEO: How much has your previous experience helped you in this job?

I have worked in customer service for close to nine years. It gave me a backbone. Thicker skin. It gave me the confidence to speak my mind in a way that would not offend the customer. Also, to be more honest and upfront. To stand up straight and shine bright, breathe. ‘Relax and Smile’ were the three words I would say to myself when I would sense I was getting overwhelmed or anxious.

COVIDEO: What do you love the most about working at Covideo?

I love the atmosphere, the people and the culture. I love when I enter the building, I feel this overwhelming excitement to start the day, to see my colleagues and to interact with my customers. Not to mention that I love to accomplish tasks and projects. Actually, to create something great that others can benefit from and to stand proudly behind a product and team and speak to my admiration.

COVIDEO: Now let’s talk more about customer support! As a leader of our support department, how would you describe Covideo users? What would be your definition of customer support?

Covideo users are unique individuals whom are curious to see what video email can do for their business. They are driven to keep up with the “trends.” Our users want to connect with their customers and keep making money. Also, they are intrigued by the idea of video email, and most are willing to take the leap.
I would say that customer support is a consistent conversation on various topics to keep the other person on the phone happy or help them understand a question.

COVIDEO: What are Covideo’s main advantages when talking about customer support?

Our patience. How diligent we are. Our personalities. How we show that we care. Our honesty.

COVIDEO: The customers who have already worked with you would definitely describe you as someone who is passionate about your job. So, what motivates your every day?

What motivates me is thinking about what else I can do to keep things flowing, how I can help others achieve success., what more can I achieve,… Also, thinking about what I have achieved so far. I am always trying to be a better version of myself. I like to think about how I can help grow the company. Not to mention I get motivated by thinking about what outfit will I wear tomorrow! And, I can’t forget about my office buddy and the way I feel when she comes in. I’m referring to Emma! ?  

COVIDEO: We can say that customer support sometimes has its other, not so much fun and bright, side. Could you share with us your experience of turning an unhappy customer into a satisfied customer?

I think the things that help the most are being upfront and honest in these situations. It’s really important to sympathize and apologize for the inconvenience. Also, providing an alternative that is the best option for them is vital. You should alyways convey how much you care in your tone.

COVIDEO: Has there been any situation when you didn’t know how to help a customer? What should a good customer support representative do in these situations?

If I do not know the answer, but I have the means to find out or a person who can provide a further indication, I will loop them in immediately to the issue and let the customer know. So, that way we can reach a resolution that is acceptable.

A good customer support representative should always be transparent, honest and have the customers best interest at heart. Especially when representing the company.  Bad customer support can severely hurt a company’s reputation and success if a customer gave unpleasant feedback or sour recommendation to a prospect.

COVIDEO: Which customer service tools are you most familiar with? Are there any you would recommend?

Zendesk ticketing system has been useful to divide up all inbound support tickets between agents. We also use SnapEngage which has been a great chat tool for inbound chats from customers accessing the Covideo website.

COVIDEO: When talking about the future, what do you think will be an average Covideo user?

The average Covideo user will have a better understanding of technology. Will have a longer fuse for learning what they do not know, will not get impatient out of frustration. They will have the ability to understand the end game and success this product can provide.

COVIDEO: Is there anything customer support teams across the IT sector lack, but you hope to see it in the future?

There is a stigma when one thinks “Customer Support.” Nonchalant, impersonal, close to robotic. Stepping outside of the box so to speak and understand that there is a beating heart on the other end. We are humans, and we are having fun and like what we do.

It is funny; there have been times in which my team and I have had customers ask after hearing our salutation when answering the phone, “why we are so happy,” We reply with “ we just love what we do.” It is also the perfect segway into our day if our colleagues are conversing or we just had Starbucks. ?

COVIDEO: Could you share with us your favorite quote about working with people?

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is a success.” –Henry Ford

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