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Hello world, Andrew with Covideo here. First, to preface: I am far from a well-versed writer and this is my first stint at blog writing–so bear with me. Second, I hope everyone is staying healthy, driven, and safe during these unprecedented times. While most of us have been practicing social distancing for a few weeks now, our need to stay connected to one another hasn’t changed. Social interactions look a little different these days, and the utilization of video tools has become essential to continue communicating with one another virtually. For me, I’ve been using video to stay connected with family, friends, and coworkers. But even more so, I’ve been helping my clients take advantage of the Covideo platform and create content with video makers to reach current customers during this time – and resonate in a way that plain text can’t. 

As an Account Manager at Covideo, I work with hundreds of dealerships and large automotive groups and we restructure how they communicate with customers. I help them increase engagement, in store visits, and sell more cars by utilizing personalized video. Covideo allows dealerships to use our video tools software to create different types of videos to connect with customers remotely. Whether the videos are used to respond to customer inquiries, bring the showroom to the living room with a vehicle walkaround, share a virtual test drive, or check in with customers during this time, these simple, easy to record videos help you stay connected. These videos don’t require an online video editor or any fancy effects. 

Dealerships are recording authentic and honest videos in order to build trust. Check out my video about the top four videos every auto salesperson should be sending (don’t worry about making them perfect!) 

Dealerships are not limited to recording the videos I listed above. There are endless ways video can help you stay in touch with your customers during this time. For example, reassure customers that their vehicle has been properly cleaned and that your dealership has adopted sanitation processes into your daily tasks. Send a video email providing updates on your dealerships’ changing hours and new safety protocols. Or, keep it simple by thanking a customer for their purchase and congratulate them on their new car! This reminds customers that you’re there for them, and actions like these go a long way when developing brand loyalty. A positive customer experience motivates clients to spread the word and refer friends and family to your dealership. More referrals means more business! 

Video tools in the automotive space are here, and here to stay. With our video tools software let us help your dealership connect, communicate and engage with customers with the competitive advantage of our quick video maker tool, Covideo. 

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