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Are Consultants Following Communication Trends?

Communication is everything. For consultants, communication is the air they breathe and the dreams they chase in their career. They are aware there is no good consultant without good communication skills. This is why they are going to invest their time and money to become better at it, knowing that excellence in communication leads to successful consulting. This is why they constantly have to follow the latest consultant communication trends!

Communication is changing

From the first contact with a client to having to speak in front of hundreds, sometimes thousands of people, communication should be different than it was before. It has to work for you. The one trend that is changing the way consultants communicate with their audience is definitely video. Consultants are creating more and more video content which they post on websites, video sharing platforms or use it as a way to promote their services. Finding the right consultant is time-consuming and if your client didn’t have a previous face-to-face meeting with you, be sure he will do his research online before contacting you. Seeing a video of someone they are potentially hiring based on specific expertise will allow them to see the real value behind what the consultant is offering and connect on a personal level, as well.

Be personal from the start

So what should your first communication steps look like? If you want your client to see how much you value their interest, your message should be personal and authentic. When they receive it, it should feel as if you took the time to tell them everything they asked. As a consultant, you probably seek to have effective and personal communication with your clients from the start. Imagine how would your next client feel if he received a video email where he can see you and hear you talking directly to him? Writing a text-based email is very time consuming and you still will not know did your message get to your recipient clearly and unambiguously.

Remember, the text tells but the video engages your audience. That is probably the most important thing. Your clients need to believe in your skills as they will not just hire someone who claims to be a consultant. Yet, video emails will provide you and your clients with the most effective medium to establish a relationship. Create videos to show your potential clients knowledge, trustworthy, and passion for what you’re doing.

K.I.S.S. when recording

When recording, keep in mind that you should keep it short and simple (K.I.S.S.). Try to say everything you need to say without repeating the same things or going too deep before you hear your client’s feedback. Short, concise videos that get to the point are the ones you want to present them. It’s very important to remember you are not keeping it simple for yourself. You are keeping it simple for the clients who are watching your videos.

The video reflects your skills

People reach out to consultants because they need the advice they can’t get from anybody else. This advice should be recorded, not typed because you are not only talking to your client about one issue or situation. On the contrary, you are reflecting your skills and experience in your videos. So, next time you start typing that email, think of how easier and more effective it would be to send a video. Be one step ahead of your competition and make them chase the trends you have already mastered!

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