Convert More Customers with Video Landing Pages

Video has become one of the most powerful weapons to convert viewers into customers. More often than not, you can expect to find a video on most landing pages that you visit. The ultimate goal of a landing page is to drive conversions, and video accomplishes just that. Research suggests that adding video to your landing page increases conversions by 86%.

We’ve outlined everything you need to know in order to create a video landing page that converts. 

When should I use a video landing page?

Before you create landing pages, it’s important to determine what type of video to use. For broader audiences, you might want to include explainer and demo videos that showcase your product or service in detail. Other times, you might want to use video testimonials where customers advocate for your brand. 

Oftentimes you’ll create these using a wordpress landing page, or another landing page builder like unbounce video landing pages.  

On the other hand, you might be using video in a more targeted approach, like in a sales or customer success position. Personalized videos are used for one-off purposes, created for one individual or small groups. They’re highly personalized and designed to stand out in the inbox, or deliver top notch customer service. After sending your personalized video via email or text, your video plays one of our many ready-to-use, free landing page templates with clickable calls-to-action buttons that drive the viewers next steps. To see Covideo’s video landing page examples, click here. 

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What are the benefits of video landing pages? 

The main benefit of adding videos to your landing page is increased conversions. But, that’s not the only positive outcome you’ll see when incorporating video. 

  • Keeps visitors on your page -Video captures your audience’s attention and keeps them interacting with your brand for longer, making them more familiar with your business and what you have to offer. 
  • Shows, rather than tells – Communicate more effectively with the use of visuals, body language, tone, etc. rather than being limited to the written word. Would you rather read about a new car and it’s top-notch features or see it in action? Easy answer.
  • Builds trust – Building trust is a key factor that leads to a sale. But establishing that trust doesn’t come instantly. Incorporating a video that includes a human face automatically personalizes your brand. Viewers are able to see you and your business as people, rather than a corporation. 
  • Entertains and resonates – On average, only 28% of the text on a webpage is read. As humans we prefer visuals, they’re more engaging and more memorable. Even if a viewer doesn’t convert, a strong video will leave a lasting impression and contribute towards brand awareness. 

Best practices to optimize your page 

Here are our top tips to consider when crafting your video and creating a landing page that converts.

  • Video thumbnail – Choose a strong video thumbnail – this determines whether or not the viewer will click on your video.
  • Keep your video above the fold – Keep your video front and center so your audience can find and watch your video, without having to scroll.
  • Video size – Not too small or too large. Take into consideration the viewing experience on other devices too. 
  • Specific content – Tailor the message so the audience gets what they were looking for. If your video is too vague, or out of context, the viewer will bounce quickly. 
  • Message length – Videos should stay under 90 seconds to maintain engagement. Put the most important part of your message at the beginning in case viewers stop early. 
  • Double calls-to-action – Include CTA buttons on your page (ie. Schedule a meeting, Learn more, Sign Up) to drive viewers next steps, but also end your video with a strong CTA to provoke action. 


It’s no doubt that video sells. It has the power to reach and resonate with your audience like no other medium. Capitalize on its capabilities and incorporate video to make interactive landing pages that increase engagement and ultimately, drive conversions. If you’re interested in trying out a personalized video platform like Covideo, you can sign up today and get instant access to our ready-to-use video landing page templates, free for 14 days. No credit card required. Start now. 

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