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Covideo Capture

Want to do business face-to-face but your schedule and location just won’t allow it? Finally, the time of writing lengthy emails with bullet points, clipped images and text explanations has come to an end. To get a head start in 2018, Covideo has a new solution for you – Covideo Capture, the easy to use software from Covideo that allows you to record yourself and your screen all at once.

Now you are even able to walk your recipients through the ins and outs of presentations, projects, and proposals. When you can’t do business face-to-face, Covideo Capture is the next best thing.

For those who are camera shy, luckily Covideo Capture has a solution! It gives you the option to disable the webcam feature, which enables you to record your voice together with your screen without having to be on camera! Mouse click animation allows the audience to easily follow along step by step. Best of all, these emails are saved directly to your Covideo library for easy emailing and tracking.

Watch the video to find out more and let us show you how Covideo can help you get your message across!

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