Covideo is a Breeze

Change can be hard and it may seem so much easier to do things the way you’ve always done them- if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? But in 2014, if you want to stand out from the competition and distinguish yourself as a brand, you must constantly try to improve, adapt and innovate. Customers are looking for the newest thing, and they want to be continually delighted and engaged. Print ads used to be the standard selling tool and mode of communication, but times are changing. Producing quality video is much more approachable and easily sharable and provides an added touch point with customers- a visual one.
While there are many ways to bring your ideas to life with video, Covideo helps make video marketing a breeze and lets you connect with your customers in a fresh – and profitable – way. One feature that will help you reach and engage with your customers, with increased efficiency and effectiveness, is our Hot Spots tab. As a Covideo client, you can use this feature to track the metrics of your previous videos and adjust your tactics to effectively reach customers with future efforts.
Here’s what Hot Spots enables you to track:
• How many times your video was viewed
• How many people viewed it
• How long it was viewed and if it was watched part way or 100%
• If viewers rewound the video and how many times they re-watched parts
• What parts of the video message people liked
Hot Spots is easy to use as the data is color-coded and logically arranged. The ability to see and analyze which elements worked well will help you better tailor your videos and communication. This great tracking feature is only one part of the marketing solution Covideo offers. Intrigued?

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