Covideo "Present Now" Product Beta Test

Covideo has begun a 4 week Beta Test of its new presentation product “Present Now”.
This innovative product, currently testing in two versions, allows one or two people to make a ‘live’ slide and/or video presentation while simultaneously recording it.
Once recorded, the presentation can be emailed out for 24/7 viewing.  The advanced version has chat capability for interaction between the presenter(s) and audience during both live and recorded presentations.
Presenters have unlimited access to the chat box of recorded presentations giving them ample opportunity to respond to viewer comments.
Presentations may be saved in the Covideo back office for future use or even re-recorded using different narration or presenters.
Beta Testers are being asked to provide weekly feedback on product features, performance and reliability.
Their reports are expected to both enhance the final product and scope out any remaining bugs.
“Present Now” is scheduled for full release later this fall.

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