Who is Watching Your Covideo?

Stop chasing dead-end leads and missing out on your most qualified ones. Instead, use your time wisely by tracking your success and making better-informed decisions. With Covideo real-time analytics, find out how many times the video message has been viewed, which parts of the video were a success and how many exit links were clicked on. Watch the video below for a bit more information:

Video Insights

Find your video in your Covideo library and click on the “Viewer Reports” icon located on your video’s preview image to get an insight into your video’s progress. Once you click on this icon, a small window will open which will show the email address you sent the video to, the date it was sent on, the status of your video email, total video views and the date it was last viewed. Basically, you have all the key facts in one place which will help put you on the path to success. Moreover, if you enable email notifications, you will instantly know when your recipient has opened your video by receiving an email about it. That will allow you to allocate your time and efforts more efficiently for follow-ups.

HotSpot Details

The “HotSpot Details” report offers a visual way to see which part of your video engages your recipients the most. In other words, the color scale goes from white (unwatched portion) to red (most watched portion). Here you can find at-a-glance information on which parts of your video your recipients found most interesting, and also the percentage of how much of the video was viewed.

Exit Link Details

Want to know how many times someone clicked on your exit links? No problem! Just click on the “Exit Link Details” section in the Viewer Reports window and get access to all the info. Here you will find the exact link that your recipient clicked on, followed by the link set and template your link was part of. This report will even show you the email address of the recipient that clicked and the date when they clicked on your links. 

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