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Covideo Updated its Back Office!

We’re excited to share with you that Covideo has released its updated version of the back office portal. Our team has been working very hard to ensure the best experience for our users and will continue to do so! Now, let’s go through all of the changes!


Back office updates

After the users log in to their Covideo account, they will be taken to a video library by default. In the library, they will see their video snapshots. From there, they can easily send and share their videos, check the tracking information, etc.


The variety of back office options are now easily accessible with Covideo’s new update. As seen in the picture above, all the options are now placed on the left side. Overall, the updates have one common goal: a simple and improved user experience!


Last but not least, our back office is now responsive! In other words, if users are coming through mobile, they will have no problem finding what they need.


“Creating a great product is a marathon, not a sprint. The time invested in research, polishing the details, testing, editing and iterating make a big difference.”

A word from our UX designer

As can be seen, designing new products is easy. The challenge here is to redesign a legacy product and move it forward. There is no single correct approach. However, being aware of common UX patterns helped the team to make the right decisions from the start. We examined the product roadmap, backlog, stakeholder and user interview feedback. That enabled us to design a step further and allow our product team to leave space for the new features we have in mind.

Danijel Bosnjak, UX Designer at Covideo

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