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Covideo’s Zoom Integration

Automatically upload Zoom recording to your Covideo account – great for unlimited storage, editing videos, and sharing at ease!

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Record one-off, personalized videos

Record your screen, face, or both using your computer or smartphone.
● Easy Recording
● Instant Upload
● Screen Capture and Recording
● Unlimited Video Library

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Customize your approach

Increase engagement and reinforce your brand awareness by customizing videos even further.
● Call-to-action buttons
● Branded video landing page
● Captions and translations
● Customizable player

Send from anywhere

Easily share videos from your favorite channels like email, text, CRM or social media.
● Simple sending
● Social sharing
● Website overlay
● Compressed links

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Track your results

Gain powerful insights so you can replicate what works, resolve what doesn’t, and connect your activity with results and ROI.
● View notifications
● Detailed reporting
● Admin reports

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Covideo’s Zoom Integration

Covideo’s new Zoom cloud recording integration is not only an efficient tool it’s also super convenient. In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about Covideo’s newest integration with Zoom, which allows you to automatically upload your recorded Zoom meetings into your Covideo account. This Zoom cloud recording integration is great for unlimited storage, editing videos, and sharing them at ease. We’ll also answer questions like:

  • How to save zoom recording?
  • How to edit a zoom recording?
  • How to send zoom recording?


Get unlimited Zoom cloud storage + more

Zoom allows you to record meetings, webinars, presentations, and more that you can either download, share with others, or refer back to when needed. In terms of Zoom storage capacity, your account is usually limited, and the Zoom cloud storage that you do have is usually shared with others in your workspace. As a result, you constantly have to go through and remove videos to make more Zoom cloud recording space available, this task can be very tedious and daunting, especially for larger teams.
Because of these limitations and the Zoom recording limit, Covideo’s integration for Zoom becomes extra useful. This integration will auto-upload your Zoom recording into your Covideo account. Here, you’ll have unlimited storage, where you can keep as many recordings as you wish, without the additional Zoom storage costs. Covideo’s platform also gives you the options to edit your videos, add annotation, captions, merge videos together, and more! When you’re done editing your videos, you can share them easily with compressed links and on video landing pages. The best part is, this integration is completely free and comes at no additional cost for Covideo users.

How to save a zoom recording

With the Covideo Zoom integration, you’ll learn how to save a Zoom recording quickly and easily. With the Zoom recording cloud integration with Covideo, your videos will automatically upload into your Covideo account directly after recording. It’s also super easy to access all of your saved videos. Basically, all you have to do is head over to your Covideo portal, log in to your account, and navigate to your video library, where all of your recorded meetings will appear. With this easy-to-use integration, you won’t have to learn how to save recording on Zoom through their portal, Covideo will do all of the heavy lifting for you and automatically save them to your video library.

How to edit zoom recordings

Traditionally, you are not able to edit Zoom videos or edit Zoom recordings. With Zoom, you only have the option to download the video and share or send it as it is. Unless you use a third-party program to edit the videos, but this is typically done by professionals or video editors. But with the new Covideo Zoom integration, you may be wondering, can you edit a Zoom recording with our interface? The answer is Yes! With some of Covideo’s additional features and tools, you don’t need a professional to edit your videos. Some of these features and tools include trimming, merging video clips together, captions for accessibility, annotations, adding company logos, adding links, and more!
These features may be useful or come in handy if you’re recording a webinar or a presentation and you want to edit out any pauses or add links to web pages that you’ve mentioned. You can even add some direct calls to action for viewers so that you can direct them to follow any next steps. If you think your audio doesn’t have the best quality in your webinar, you can turn on captions to make sure audiences can follow along and understand what you’re saying.

How to share a recorded zoom meeting

As well all know, figuring out how to share a zoom recording or sending larger files like videos or Zoom recordings that are thirty minutes to one hour in length can be incredibly difficult to share with others. With large video files, sharing Zoom recordings can be a challenge. Covideo makes it easy to share zoom recordings. With Covideo, you have a couple of different options when sharing a zoom recording. You’re able to share your files through email, text, your favorite CRM platform, a mobile app, and more. When using the Covideo platform, if you want to share your video through email, all you have to do is copy it and paste it into an email, it’s as easy as that!
There are so many additional benefits and features that come with using Covideo to send your videos. These benefits include branded landing pages, call-to-action buttons, tracking, and more. With the tracking features, you’re able to see who’s viewed your video, when it was viewed, how many times it was viewed, and more. Branded landing pages can add a professional element to all of your shared videos, and call to action buttons can help you navigate recipients to whatever next steps you want them to follow after watching your video.

Try Covideo & Zoom Video Integration Today

Zoom storage pricing can get pretty steep, especially if you’re part of a larger team or organization. With Covideo’s Zoom integration and as a Covideo user, all of your unlimited Zoom recording storage comes at no additional cost to you. Try out Covideo’s newest integration along with all of our other helpful and easy-to-use features to personalize how you share videos.
See how our Zoom integration works for yourself with Start a free trial where you can record and send unlimited videos. With Start a free trial, you’ll get instant access to all of our standard features, and you’ll be able to upload, record, send, and track video emails within minutes. Start a free trial; no credit card required!

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