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Covideo will be at the 14th Annual Kain Automotive Workshop

We are excited to announce that Covideo will be one of the sponsors of the 14th Annual Kain Automotive Clients & Friends Digital Success Workshop. The event will take place from November 13th to the 15th in Lexington, Kentucky.

In order to give guests an intimate and exclusive experience, the Kain Automotive Workshop will be limited to 75 attendees.

This three-day event is designed to teach and engage participants via:

  • Digital marketing strategies and solutions
  • Small group environments to encourage 1:1 interaction and training

In addition to these exclusive resources, David Kain and his team of experts will provide indispensable knowledge on the following topics to improve your dealership’s operations:

  • Advanced practices
  • Tactics
  • Technology
  • Solutions

Above all, guests will return to their dealerships armed with new knowledge and skills for driving greater results.

One of the many knowledgeable speakers at the Kain Automotive Workshop includes Covideo’s own President, and Co-Founder, Jason Price!

Jason will be speaking on the topic of “Best Practices When Creating a Video Strategy That Works” on November 15th, 2018.

If you want to accelerate your internet sales performance beyond the basics, then this is the event for you. Through proven practices, cutting-edge strategies, and techniques that will differentiate you from your competitors, the Kain Automotive Workshop will prepare you for your most successful year yet.

For more information on the 14th Annual Kain Clients & Friends Digital Success Workshop, visit their official website.

The tickets can be purchased here. If you enter the code ‘Covideo’, you can save $200 off their attendance fee.

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