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What is Keeping Dealerships From Using Video?

Back in February, I spoke at a Digital Dealer workshop in Chicago and was invited to do the same next month at the annual Digital Dealer conference in Orlando. As I reflect on my previous session in Chicago and look forward to sharing my expertise in video in Orlando, I wanted to address and resolve some hesitations about using video that arose.

Increase in showroom traffic

In addition to my talk, roughly 90% of the breakout sessions at the Chicago workshop – led by experts and thought leaders in the industry – either focused primarily on or at the very least mentioned the importance of using video at dealerships. Consider this stat: dealerships that use video in the lead follow-up process have shown a 15% increase in showroom traffic.

Yet, people still hesitate to jump in. Why?

Two primary concerns

Attendees who came to speak with me after my session had two primary concerns:

  1. Discomfort with getting in front of a camera
  2. Implementing a strategy

People are uncomfortable with seeing and hearing themselves on video. They are worried about how they look or sound and any quirks that they may have. But the great thing about the video is that you can re-record. If you don’t like it the first time; do it again. Just remember that it isn’t about perfection… it’s about progress. Even sending out an imperfect video will drive more results than sending a plain text email.

Implementing a video strategy

When it comes to implementing a video strategy, the biggest fear that I hear is: “What if my team doesn’t use it?” The best way to combat this concern is by laying out a concrete plan. Try motivating your team to follow through by rewarding those who adopt the new strategy and calling out successes that result from using video. Trust me, there will be plenty!

Whatever the reason for not using video, it’s ultimately an excuse. So get a little uncomfortable, make a plan, and watch your sales climb. If you’d like to learn more about the power of personalized video, join me at Digital Dealer Orlando – April 12th. See you there!

Digital Dealer Conference & Expo will be held in Orlando, Florida, 10 – 12 April and will gather Dealer Principals, GMs, GSMs, Marketing Directors, ISMs, BDC Managers, and other top industry experts to share best practices and discuss proven strategies to maximize results. Among them will also be President of Covideo, Jason Price, who will discuss the successes that dealerships see from integrating video into its business processes and communication.

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