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A Customer Engagement Strategy for Professionals

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Customer Engagement Strategy | Covideo

In today’s competitive business environment, maintaining a healthy and personal relationship with your customer is an essential competitive advantage. However, in the modern world, connecting with customers on an individual basis can be difficult, if not outright impossible. Your brand’s success depends on developing a close bond with your customer, and digital engagement expands and strengthens that relationship. These bonds are built by everyone involved in the customer journey.

What is customer engagement? It’s the strategic process of engaging with your customers every time they engage with your organization. Not just the salesperson or customer success representative, but by everyone who engages with your customers. That means even financial, technical, and executive employees need to engage in a friendly, trusting, and sincere manner. The best way to build trust is through personalized, digital engagement. In this article, you can learn more about enhancing your consumer engagement strategy using video email software to bolster your customer engagement strategy through all parts of the buyer journey.

Enhance Client Engagement With Video Email

But why video email? Besides the obvious fuzzy feelings you get when you see someone’s smile, scientific research proves that video email is essential to personal relationships. Humans are visual beings, andprocess video images 60,000 times faster than text. This is one of the reasons why videos are considered an effective customer engagement marketing strategy.

Video emails are different. Instead of looking like an impersonal advertising message, video messages are created by the client engagement employee. These messages add a personal flair and touch to the conversation. When combined with screenshots or video shorts, they can answer technical problems or present new solutions to difficult situations.

Imagine how impactful your email messages would be if they included a testimonial video produced by your client — in real-time. Not only can your prospect learn about your product, but they also hear it from your customer is a powerful one-to-one setting. And according to HubSpot,video images boost click-through rates by 200 to 300%.

Considering the plethora of emails bombarding inboxes daily, using video images to stand out from the crowd can mean getting found — landing the deal — or implementing a world-class customer experience strategy.

How To Engage Customers With The Covideo Platform

The key to a successful user engagement strategy is to delight your customers regularly. Covideo is a video email platform used to create that perfect client experience and delight and educate your customers all at one time by simplifying the process of recording, sending, and tracking video email messages. Your customers share the video messages with their colleagues, and you’ll see who views the messages.

To increase customer engagement, sales, and customer success, team members can create simple video messages on landing pages. You can also add call-to-action buttons, captions, and graphic images to improve the experience. Your sales team can record demos and annotate the video with additional details and explanations. You can even combine your image with the screenshot to maintain that personal touch.

In addition to email, you can share your videos on website pages, landing pages, and social media posts.

Here are a few more customer engagement examples:

  • Send a video newsletter
  • Create a video product demo
  • Share a customer testimonial
  • Record a customer support video
  • Send a personal invitation to an event
  • Share an important company announcement
  • Train your employees on improving customer engagement

Need more ideas?Request a demo from a Covideo expert.

Covideo Plug-ins Expand the Value of Your Digital Customer Engagement Strategy

The Covideo video email tool is an excellent addition to your marketing and sales technology stack. It works seamlessly with the software your customer experience team uses every day. For starters, Covideo integrates with both Google and Outlook email solutions. Your employees can launch and insert their video messages into the body of the email. It works better than click-and-paste. When you insert the video message, it is tracked by our analytics system, and you will see when your customer opens the email and see how many emails are opened.

There are Covideo Video Email extensions and plug-ins for:

  • Outlook
  • Gmail
  • Chrome
  • Apple
  • Android
  • Salesforce
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • USherpa
  • Dealersocket
  • ProMax
  • and many more

How can these features help implement your customer involvement strategy? You don’t have to leave your favorite app to send a video message. For instance, Customer service reps can begin a screen recording from the Chrome browser or social media app (i.e., Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter) and send that recording as a quick message. Messages are saved in the toolbar, making them easy to retrieve for future viewing. You can also create a library of messages to be reused. This allows your customer team to avoid searching for video content on centralized storage solutions or network drives. Don’t leave your customers hanging. Reply to their questions in real-time.

Are you looking for additional ideas?Request a customer engagement plan template or customer engagement product plan by contacting a video expert.

Three Steps To Effective Customer Engagement With The Chrome Extension

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth ten thousand — or more. One way to implement a world-class digital engagement strategy is to answer your customer’s questions right away. They don’t want to wait for long, convoluted answers or receive canned responses from an artificial bot. Your customers expect — and deserve quick, easy instructions when they are on the phone.

The Covideo Chrome extension provides an excellent solution for your front-line support team. By pressing a single button on the Chrome browser, your customer experience representative can record their screen, explain what they are doing, insert the message into an email and send it to the customer without leaving the call. Your customer has their answer in minutes. They can save the video message or pass it on to their team members. You will be able to track who opens the message and when it is opened. If you need more examples of using the Covideo Chrome browser or insert video email messages into your customer communications, we don’t have a customer engagement pdf. But you cancontact our video expertsto receive a customer engagement strategy template.

Build Customer Engagement With The Outlook Add-in

One way marketers can support the sales and lead generation process is by creating a library of short videos to explain product features. These videos are often stored in a centralized storage system or on a network drive, which forces sales teams to waste time locating and embedding the videos into sales emails. The Covideo Outlook Add-in allows team members to click on a single toolbar in Outlook, select the video they need, and insert it in the email message. They can also record new messages and the click of a button. You can view who watched the video and how many times they watched with our real-time analytics. Do you want to learn about more customer engagement strategies? Covideo doesn’t have a customer engagement pdf, but ourvideo expertsare available to share new marketing engagement strategies or help you build a customer engagement strategy template.

5 Customer Engagement Best Practices

There is no better time to improve your client engagement skills than now. Covideo offers a 7 day free trial — no credit card needed — to start experimenting with video email messaging. We have compiled a list of best practices to improve our client engagement strategies:

  1. Personal is powerful. Use a whiteboard with your recipient’s name on it
  2. Be specific. Make your message specific to your customer’s needs and challenges
  3. Be conversational.Encourage two-way dialogue with your customers. Encourage them to share, react, and comment. You can use the video reply feature. Your customer does not need to have a subscription to use the feature.
  4. Respond quickly. Don’t leave your customers hanging. Use the Chrome, Gmail, and Outlook add-ins to answer questions.
  5. Save your videos in the Outlook toolbar for instant recall. No more searching network drives for your video assets.

Start planning your customer engagement strategy today. While Covideo doesn’t have a customer engagement pdf,our video experts can send you a customer engagement template or help you launch your product plan.

Start applying your new customer engagement strategies today with the7 day free trial. You can use all of the Covideo features, including unlimited hosting and recording, video sharing, extensions, add-ins, and theCovideo mobile app

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