Disproving Sales Stereotypes With Video

We are all salespeople, whether we like it or not. Maybe you have a career in sales, or you’ve been told to “sell yourself” in a job interview. Regardless, sales is everywhere, and it’s likely this won’t be the first nor the last time you’ll be responsible for selling something. 

Despite its prevalence, the term “salesperson” is still associated with negative connotations. Pushy, Abrasive, Eager, Impatient. 

Nowadays, sales practices and expectations have changed, making these stereotypes outdated and faulty. Yet, when people hear “salesperson”, their implicit bias still comes to the forefront. And, if buyers don’t have a positive interaction with you, it’s unlikely they’ll buy from you. 

Overcoming the classic sales stereotypes is not an impossible task, and video is here to help. 

Stereotype: There’s only one type of salesperson.

Sales roles come in many shapes and forms. Would you assume a sales team at a pharmaceutical company, a retail shop, or a mid-size tech company in Indianapolis all abide by the same sales process?

Of course not! Yet, salespeople are still generalized into one personality type and demographic.  

Video helps combat this perception. Being able to get in front of the camera and send a personalized message not only showcases the diversity of your sales team, but also allows you to share your authenticity and personality to others. Showing your product off to prospects via video separates yourself from competition and leaves a lasting impression on the viewer.

Start by sending an introduction video to your prospects.  Here, you have the power to express your passions, show off your product, and it lets you create your own story. 

Stereotype: Salespeople can’t be trusted.

Research indicates that only 18% of buyers trust salespeople. This results from a variety of behaviors salespeople exhibit: A lack of listening, manipulation, putting buyers into high pressure situations. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. 

People buy from people they like, and when meeting face-to-face is not an option, video is your next best alternative to building relationships and trust.

Video allows you to put a face to a name, which goes a long way when influencing a business deal. When using video, you become a familiar face, which adds a level of comfortability and allows for a stronger relationship to be built between you and the buyer.

Stereotype: Salespeople just want your money.

Perceiving salespeople as manipulative and greedy originates back to when information was inaccessible to us. A decade ago, salespeople always had more information than the buyer, which resulted in people getting ripped off. And later on, ticked off. If you wanted to find out the average Miles Per Gallon of a new car you’d been eyeing, resorting to Google wasn’t an option. You were reliant on a car salesman.

In today’s digital era, where we have access to endless information, honesty is no longer an option, but a requirement. As a result, salespeople have had to adapt their behaviors accordingly and today, now act like consultants; they listen to your needs and offer solutions.

Video, more than any other medium, allows you to empathize with others, express your understanding of the issue at hand, and showcase your knowledge. This helps build your legitimacy, and creates confidence among buyers. 

Stereotype: Salespeople are too aggressive.

There’s a reason we all become a bit apprehensive when we’ve found ourselves the victim of a sales pitch – we don’t know how, or even when we’ll get out of it. 

When a salesperson reaches out, their goal typically isn’t to bully you into buying. Sending a personalized video email to a prospect will show your true intentions and eliminates misinterpretations. 

How many times have you misinterpreted an email or text? We’re not always great at conveying our thoughts into text.

When body language and tone of voice are absent, the meaning of your message isn’t always clear. But, what might come across as pushy or aggressive in a plain text email can be reversed through video. Adding a genuine tone and smile to your sales pitch will shift the impression and create a comfortable conversation between two parties.

Did you know, even changing how you say one word in a sentence switches the entire meaning of your message? 

Bring Humanziation Back To Business

Kick to the curb the sales stereotypes that are holding you back from your goals. Own your personal sales story by incorporating video into your  strategy. 

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