Don't get mistaken for spam!

Let’s be honest.
No one likes SPAM, whether referring to canned “meat,” or annoying inbox clutter. To avoid having your emails categorized as SPAM, you should aim to compose communication that is captivating, mesmerizing and attention-grabbing. In the midst of inbox chaos, how can you make your email marketing campaign stand out?

Grab their attention

Before you can accomplish anything else, you’ve got to grab your recipient’s attention. According to Statistic Brain, the average person’s attention span is about 8 seconds, which is sadly less than that of a goldfish. This means you have a very, VERY brief window to grab readers when they are skimming their inbox messages. To lure them in, start simply by crafting a subject line that is short (no more than 50 characters), yet provides enough description to communicate the content of your email. While people often try to get creative with witty subject lines, many studies have found that this may actually be a turn-off for your target audience. So, keep it short, to the point and definitely AVOID USING CAPS!


You have their attention, but now you need to make it worth their while. To mesmerize someone, an intense connection must be made to ensure that your subject is spell-bound, hypnotized. While this level of enchantment is achievable, it’s unlikely that a static, stale ad will be able to create an effective level of fascination that compels your target to engage. However, a video has a greater influence than text as it offers movement, color, music and sound, the allure of which can entice your audience to click “play.” Results of a study posted by Digital Sherpa found that click-through rates increase by 96% for introductory emails that feature videos. Imagine the potential for sales conversion! However, before you start counting the dollars, you need to make sure your target consumer actually watches your full video first.


Unfortunately, getting your target to open your email and click “play” is only part of the challenge. The biggest hurdle is keeping them enthralled until the end of your video. Taking our minuscule attention spans into consideration, the first 8-10 seconds of your video are crucial. Even if viewers make it 10 seconds into the video, you aren’t home free just yet. As cited by Visible Measures, more than 45% of viewers will click away before the 1-minute mark, so it is essential to create captivating content that connects with your target from the get-go. If you aren’t sure if your video will resonate with your audience, test it out! Send it to a small sample group, and track the engagement metrics. If you find your approach isn’t working, reassess and tweak your plan until you find the right fit. These helpful tips should support you as you try to differentiate yourself from SPAM, and set your company on a course for a successful email marketing campaign.

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