Drive Action with a Video Newsletter

A video newsletter is a perfect way to keep your customers informed and your team engaged. 

But what is the objective of a newsletter? For most business owners, a newsletter is a way to inform and educate customers and internal employees about your company. 

Unlike sales emails, a business newsletter doesn’t intend to convert prospects or upsell current customers.

For example, if your company recently released a new product or service, it’s important to come off as a friendly reminder instead of a sales pitch. Updating your network with a business newsletter will drive more actions like sales or website traffic. 

How to Embed a Video in A Newsletter 

To create cool newsletters, you’ll need to learn how to embed a video in a newsletter. Video is by far the most captivating medium on the internet. Adding a video into your newsletter will improve your company’s newsletter and increase engagement from your audience.

Keep reading to learn more about how to embed video in email newsletters and creating a monthly newsletter.

Can you Embed a Video in an Email?

So, can you embed a video in an email? Yes!

Adding a video to Gmail, Outlook, Mailchimp, or your CRM is easy with a video emailing platform. Covideo offers its users unlimited video hosting, video emails, and video analytics. 

Record videos from your phone or computer and upload them to your Covideo account. Use Covideo’s unique CRM code to email newsletters with videos in them. 

Like a GIF, the animated snapshot is eye-catching and, once clicked on, will take a recipient to a video landing page. Along with the video, viewers can click on hyperlinked buttons, CTAs, blogs, informational webpages, videos, or other relevant links.

For those that want to see how to embed a newsletter in an email, watch the video below to learn about adding a video to Mailchimp.

Review your video newsletters engagement levels by analyzing the video analytics. Learn how many views it received, how much of your video was viewed, and if any of the call-to-action buttons were clicked on. 

Measure the Success of Your Newsletter 

Once you learn how to make a video newsletter, you can measure the success by using Covideo’s tracking.

What worked and what didn’t work? Use A/B testing to understand what can improve your video clicks and overall engagement levels. Use the questions below to guide you on how to measure your video newsletter’s success. 

  • How many people open your emails
  • How many people click on links within your emails
  • And how many people unsubscribe from your list

Pay close attention to these metrics after each video newsletter. They’ll show you where you need to make adjustments and whether any changes you’re making are paying off.

For instance, if you’ve had many unopened emails and decide to write more personalized copy for your following video newsletter, you should see an increase in your open and click-through rates.

Once you have a good sample size, you can reflect on your results using the following formulas and plugging in the stats provided in your Covideo account. 

Email Open Rate = # of emails opened / # of emails sent x 100 

Email Click-Through Rate = # of views / # of emails opened x 100 

Then, compare these figures with your pre-video email KPI benchmarks. 

Covideo recommends a sample size of three months of consistent usage and at least 200 video emails sent – which translates to roughly three per workday during those three months.

Read more about determining the success of your video emails in our blog.

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