One CEO is revolutionizing the way her company communicates internally – and she’s doing it with video. Julie Sweet – CEO of Accenture’s North American division – banned the use of memos (insert Office Space quote). Instead, employees are encouraged to utilize video – either live-streamed or taped. Here are some of the ways Sweet used to describe her team’s internal communication via video:

“…more authentic and less scripted.”

“…encourages real conversation and problem solving.”

Any of this sound familiar from what you hear from the Covideo team?

Sure, you can continue spending hours keying out a perfectly formatted, carefully worded memo. But odds are good it’ll just end up in the trash without a second glance. Or you can adopt Covideo for your internal communication, conveying and consuming innovative ideas with passion and personality.

Video’s the future, man… didn’t you get the memo?

Check out the original article from CNBC here.


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