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Email Anxiety: How Video Can Reduce the Stress

Sometimes typing out an email can be stressful. Does the wording sound good? Is the grammar correct? Do I sound too formal? There are a lot of factors to consider when typing an email, which can take up more time and cause more stress than anticipated.

If you’re suffering from email anxiety, then stop deleting and retyping. Instead, save time and energy with video email. Covideo is a video tool online that allows you to easily record and send videos in an email, taking the stress out of your email outreach.

On average, people spend about 4 hours checking their email every day. How much of that time is used staring at an email, overthinking every little detail?

It’s not uncommon to feel insecure and stressed out when writing emails. In fact, 3 out of 4 people worry about their message being misunderstood, and half have written an email that went on to be misunderstood.

Between typos, grammatical errors, and accidentally pressing send, misunderstanding can crop up anywhere. Does it sound too harsh? Are there too many exclamation points? Is adding an emoji unprofessional?

It’s no wonder why it takes so long to write an email. So, what can be done to reduce this stress? It’s pretty simple: Video Messaging.

When you record your messages in a video, you utilize body language and tone of voice.

For example, if you’re worried about using too many exclamation points or not enough to properly show your excitement, just record a video instead.

Here’s a quick example.  “Good morning Dan, Malorie with Covideo here. I wanted to shoot this video over to let you know that I’m excited to talk to you today at 2:30 PM Eastern Time about Covideo. If you have any questions beforehand please let me know, otherwise follow the link below to access the meeting and I’ll talk to you soon! Take care!”

With video, exclamation points become unnecessary. There’s no more fear of sounding insincere, typos are nonexistent, and the recipient can’t misread your email.

In conclusion, you can boost confidence in your message through video. Reach out to Covideo to get started today.

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