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Email subject lines that increase engagement

Increase email open rates, click-through rates, and response rates by incorporating these best practices into your email subject lines.

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So you’ve captured your recipient’s attention with a catchy, email subject line. Now, you have to keep it — learn how.

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Email Subject Lines

Ah, email subject lines. You would think this short catchphrase would be a breeze, yet oftentimes we spend more time on crafting the subject line than the email itself. While this may seem frustrating, your email subject line is critical. Typically the subject line is like a first impression – you offer the viewer a glimpse into what to expect in your email. Then, it determines their next step, and whether or not they will open, ignore, or delete your email. This shows your subject lines deserve to have some time, thought, and strategy put into them. However, email subject lines shouldn’t cause too much stress.

We’ve got some tips and secrets that will help improve your email subject lines for business, sales, marketing, and more. In this article, we’ll walk through how to write the perfect email subject line that captures your audience’s attention and increases open rates. Here’s a look at some sales subject lines we’ll cover throughout each step of the sales process:

  • Cold email subject line
  • Introduction email subject line
  • Follow up email subject line
  • Thank you email subject line


What is a subject line in an email?

What is a subject line in email, you ask? An email subject line is one line of text that recipients see in their inbox for each email. Your subject line appears next to the sender name, so recipients can get a glimpse of who sent them a message and what it’s about. In it’s simplest form, an email subject line is like giving your email a title.

However, the average professional receives on average, 121 emails a day. Our inboxes are flooded with content, so standing out and getting noticed is more important than ever. Because of this, professionals are always on the hunt for catchy email subject line ideas to help get noticed and increase responses.

Keep reading on for a list of some email subject line examples to use daily, for internal emails, marketing emails, or throughout different stages of the sales process. After our tips, you’ll never need to rely on a generic, email subject line generator again!


Email subject line best practices

There are a few subject line best practices to consider when crafting your email. When learning how to write a good email subject line, be sure to keep these 5 items in mind.


1. Keep subject lines short

The majority of audiences view emails on their mobile device, so you want to make sure the entire subject line fits in the frame. Best practices recommend keeping your email subject line length between 9 and 60 characters.


2. Add personalization

Consumers expect personalized experiences from the brands they interact with. Research shows just that — personalizing email subject lines can increase open rates by 50%. Some ideas to personalize your subject line is using the recipient’s first name, providing an exclusive incentive, or referencing a problem the individual/company may be experiencing.


3. Consider emojis

Research suggests adding emojis will work to your advantage – sometimes. Using emojis in email marketing subject lines may help you stand out in the inbox, but not all instances guarantee success. We recommend using your best judgment, consider your audience, and run A/B testing to see what works best for your industry.


4. Be clear

It’s easy to get caught up in catchy and creative subject lines, however, don’t stray away from the purpose of your email. You don’t have much space, so it’s best to be clear, direct, and to the point. Save the fun, filler words for other forms of content. Give the recipient a glimpse into what they can expect from your email – i.e. coupon codes, a product pitch, or industry updates.


5. Include the word video

This one’s our golden secret. Including a video in your email increases engagement, click through and open rates. So, if you’re sending a video email, make sure the recipient knows it immediately. Add the word “video” to the subject line to increase open rates by 19%. For best success, place “video” towards the beginning of the subject. For example, “Video Introduction for Sam – Nice to meet you.”


Best email subject lines

We are all always on the lookout for some good email subject lines that increase open rates, engagement, and better yet, elicit a response. We’ve come up with a few of our favorite catchy email subject lines based on the best practices we provided above. To reiterate, these subject lines are short, clear, tailored for the situation and individual with personalization. Oh and most importantly – these ideas all include ideas for when you send video emails. Nowadays, video email is not only the best way to stand out in the inbox and increase open/response rates, but it’s the best way to communicate virtually with prospects, customers, vendors, colleagues, etc. Communication with video is warmer, clearer, more human and connected – which we could all use more of in our everyday business outreach. So here are some of our top subject lines for sales, marketing, customer service – you name it.


Sales email subject lines

Listed below are some of our most attention grabbing subject lines for sales emails throughout every stage of the process. From cold emails and introductions, to follow ups, thanks yous and referrals, these are a few ideas to consider when creating catchy subject lines for sales.


Best cold email subject lines

  • [Video] Why Covideo? I’ll tell you in 30 seconds
  • [Video] Let’s talk about XXX!
  • Most [professionals you’re targeting] make this mistake
  • Jane – See a [better/faster/smarter/more effective] way to [goal].
  • Check out this video, Ben!


Best email subject lines for sales introductions

  • Brian: Here’s A Video For You
  • Video for Kate at Company
  • Sam – Nice To Virtually Meet You!
  • [Video] Emma N. referred you! Let’s chat?
  • Video Introduction from [Your Name]


Follow up email subject line – sales

  • Video for Shay – Meeting Reminder
  • Video for John – Next steps
  • [Video] Pleasure chatting with you, Peter.
  • A new ebook/promotion/discount for you
  • Video for Chris – Hello again from [Your Company]!


Best subject line for sales thank yous and referrals

  • Video for Josh – Thank You!
  • Video for Mary – Thanks for your [business, loyalty, help]!
  • Pat, it’s been a pleasure working with you
  • Tom – would love to help others in your network
  • Video for Rob – Looking For An Introduction


Getting more responses starts with the subject line

As you can see, much power lies in using good email subject lines for sales. Strong, personalized subject lines are the best way to get noticed and stand out in a crowded inbox. However, words can only do so much and the subject line is only the first step towards getting a response. Ultimately, you need your audience to click on, read, and then respond to your message. This is unlikely, as 65% of emails are ignored. Sending a video email is the best solution to this problem. When a recipient clicks on and opens your email, they’ll be greeted with a moving, video thumbnail with your face front and center. This captures their attention, and entices them to click on and watch your video, increasing the chances they hear (and respond!) to your email! Even better, when you send a video email, you can let the recipient know in the subject line. By including the word “video” in your email subject line, you’ll see an increase in open rates as high as 19%! The most attention grabbing and catchy email subject lines for sales always include the word video. It stands out, it’s engaging and interactive.

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