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The best method to email video messages

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Increase engagement with a video message

At Covideo, we believe in the power of video email – which is why we wanted to make it as easy as humanly possible.

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Record with ease

Easy recording

Record personalized, one-off videos using your smartphone or webcam.

Instant upload

Upload existing materials like marketing videos to utilize all of your video assets.

Screen capture

Record your screen, your face, or both using Covideo’s Chrome extension.

Video library

Create a comprehensive library of video content you can use over and over.

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Customize your approach

share your video


Include customizable buttons that drive engagement and set clear next steps.

Video landing page

Opt for a custom-created landing page or select from our ready-to-use designs.


Add captions to ensure accessibility and reinforce your message.

Customizable player

Control of colors and design of your video player to fit your brand.

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Send from anywhere

Simple sending

Send your videos via email, text messaging or from your CRM.

Social sharing

Share videos on social media or send them via direct message.

Website overlay

Drive traffic to relevant sites by laying your video over the URL of your choice.

Compressed links

Send with confidence knowing your videos won’t get caught in spam filters.

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Track your success

video analytics

View notifications

Receive real-time notifications that alert you when your videos are viewed.

Detailed reporting

Gain powerful insights through analytics that track views, engagement, & clicks.

Admin reports

Leverage team reporting to drive adoption and see where you’re winning.

Record your first video in minutes.

Boost results instantly.


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Email Video Message

If you had to make a list of some of the dominant forms of communication on the planet, email would undoubtedly be right at the top.

Email isn’t only fast and efficient – it’s incredibly easy as well. So long as you know a person’s address, in just a few seconds you can send off a message to literally anyone in the world. But one thing it hasn’t been, historically speaking, is personal… until now.

The term video email describes exactly what it sounds like: when you embed video in email messages to display either as an attachment, or right alongside the text. This allows your emails to be more engaging, to stand out in someone’s inbox, and to showcase your own unique personality in a way that text alone never could.

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But the problem is that the process of how to insert a video into the body of an email has always been quite challenging. If you didn’t use some type of video mailer solution, you would have to embed video in email HTML language. This meant you’d essentially need to learn to code – something few people have time to do.

Video conferencing is easy these days, so why shouldn’t video mail be the same way? Why should the process of how to send a video through email from phone be any more difficult than sending a regular message? Well, the good news is that it isn’t – thanks to Covideo.

Covideo is a video email platform urban dictionary video conferencing platform that makes it easy to record and send email messages from any device that you happen to be using. You can record and send videos from your computer, for example, or from a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. When you send your videos, they can also play within a branded landing page – something that is critical in terms of putting a much-needed emphasis on your larger brand. From that point of view, video mail literally couldn’t be easier.

Sending Videos With Ease

Generally speaking, people want to use Covideo to send video email messages over sending them as an attachment because the former process offers a wide array of different advantages over the latter.

If you’ve never figured out how to email a video from a phone that is too large, that’s probably because it can’t really be done. The same is true of how to send a video from one phone to another, how to send a video through email from iPhone, and more. This is because most email providers impose strict restrictions on how big the file you’re sending can actually be. Because full quality video is by its nature very large, this is a problem that people run up against more often than not.

Therefore, how to send large video files from iPhone becomes much, much easier said than done. You’d be very lucky to successfully figure out how to send large videos through text on Android on your own, for example.

Covideo, on the other hand, sends all of those videos as a hyperlinked animated snapshot. So you can figure out how to send large files via email attachment without facing restrictions, and without sending messages that will ultimately be caught in SPAM filters.

It’s also far, far more secure than sending your videos as an attachment or even a raw link. With Covideo, you can send videos right from your computer or your Android or iPhone smartphone using or convenient and easy mobile app. At that point, “how to send a video via email that is too big” is never something you’ll have to worry about Googling ever again!

One of the reasons that brands DON’T use video emails is because the process itself has historically been quite difficult, for all of the different reasons outlined above. When you have to go to that amount of effort, are you really going to be getting anything in return?

At Covideo, we believe in the power of video email – which is why we wanted to make it as easy as humanly possible. Our platform makes the process so straightforward that literally, anybody can do it – to the point where very soon, it’s a solution that you’ll begin to wonder how you were ever able to leave without. And video email adds a touch a personalization rather than a faceless transaction.

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Email Extensions

The chances are high that your current email provider is one of two very popular options available today: Gmail or Outlook. The process of how to send an email on Outlook is very similar to that of Gmail… which of course means you’ll run into the same problems regarding embedding videos if you don’t have Covideo by your side.

The process of how to send a video through Gmail, for example, involves first selecting the file from your device and attaching it to the email.

The great news is that Covideo makes this process easier than you could have ever thought possible, thanks to the extensions we offer for these and other email providers.

Our free video email for Outlook extension, for example, makes it easy to embed video file in Outlook email in a matter of seconds. This includes when you embed video in Outlook 365 email, too.

Our free app, coupled with these extensions, make it possible to record and send your video directly from your email account without needing to log into your Covideo account separately! You can even embed Microsoft stream video in Outlook email if the situation calls for it.

At that point, there really is no reason NOT to embed video in email Outlook because the process is just so simple and straightforward. Note that email extensions are also available for a large number of other platforms, too.

Share Videos From YouTube or Other Social Platforms

Of course, all of this brings us to another popular goal that many people have: when they want to embed YouTube video in email messages.

Up until now, how to send a YouTube video via email has been historically difficult. You once again have to learn embed YouTube video in email HTML tags that a lot of people just don’t want to have to deal with.

Sure, you could copy and paste the video URL and send it as a raw link – but this might get your message caught in a SPAM filter and it is not the same thing as when you embed YouTube video in email Gmail. You could also download the video file that was uploaded to YouTube and send it as an attachment, but you’d again likely run into issues with file size limitations.

By far the easiest way to accomplish this, however, is to use Covideo. With Covideo, you can upload the video file into your Covideo account and then from there embed the video directly into your email. You can also use the exit links on the side of the video to link to other YouTube or Facebook videos!

The exit links are similar in nature to calls to action that allow you to link to other URLs for easy access. These exit links make it easy to provide even more resources when reaching out with a video email, thus increasing the value you’re able to bring to your customers at the exact same time.

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Other Ways to Send

Finally, there are a few other ways to send video messages that you should probably know about, simply for the sake of the thoroughness of this discussion. You could always embed Dropbox video in email, for example – but of course this requires you to log into your Dropbox account first. If you had a QuickTime video that you wanted to include in a message, you would have to embed QuickTime video in email in a format that the largest number of people would be able to view. There are similar considerations when you embed YouTube video in Apple mail and through other providers.

But again, with Covideo, the process of sharing videos in an email campaign through services such as MailChimp is easier than ever before. You can embed video in email MailChimp or embed video in email HubSpot in a matter of seconds.

By design, Covideo makes it easy to share more produced videos that are stored in Dropbox or as a QuickTime video just by uploading the video file into Covideo and sharing it from there.

In the end, once you realize that the process for how to insert a video into the body of an email video mail is easier than ever before, it’s clear that Covideo is the type of tool you can’t afford to live without. When you also dive deep into all of the other benefits that it brings to the table – from functionality that allows you to embed Facebook video in email, embed video in Outlook email, embed video in email Gmail and more – you’re looking at a perfect storm in terms of how you communicate with your target audience. Make no mistake, that is a very exciting position for any business to be in.

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