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Ever Wondered Why You Really Procrastinate?

I can always get to it tomorrow, right? How many times have you asked yourself this question, and what is the real reason we desire to put work off? Procrastination is the habit of putting off important, less pleasurable tasks by doing something that’s easier or more pleasurable. Email, Twitter, Facebook, food, and Netflix are a procrastinator’s best friends. But, if we really want to beat procrastination we first must understand it, here are the real reasons we put off work:

  • Lack of motivation, and/or
  • A focus on present emotions instead of future emotions when setting goals.

If you can anticipate your future emotions you may better connect to your future self and muster up the motivation to complete a task here and now. One tactic could be viewing your deadline in a different way, instead of two months it’s only 60 days, and minus the weekends and meetings it’s only 28 days. Find ways to visualize your future self and the relief of having completed your task.
Your future self will thank you.

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