No. For ease of use, Covideo allows you to send video emails through your current system. Those that are new to Covideo are able to send a video email within minutes of signing up –it is that easy.

Yes. Covideo sends your personalized text message with a link that houses your video message. Sending it this way ensures your customer is getting two customized pieces from you that help make a lasting impression.

Yes. Just download our mobile app (for android or iPhone devices) and send video email messages through the app as seamlessly as if you were sitting in front of your computer. The apps also allow you to track when your message has been opened, view reports, etc.

Yes. Covideo aligns with any CRM system of your choice, and has dedicated support to help sales and marketing teams do so. For more information on CRM integration, contact us.

Covideo is utilized by individuals of all industries. Given its roots with the automotive industry, Covideo provides special packages to align to the special communication needs of that industry.
No matter what industry you are in though, you will get to try it for free first to ensure Covideo is a match to helping you achieve your business objectives.


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