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Top 10 File Hosting Services for Secure Storage and Sharing

File hosting services are a given for most businesses, especially those with remote workers. All businesses and organizations need a way to securely host and share files with employees and clients. File hosting sites ensure that work and real-time collaboration can still occur across distance.

Given how important online file hosting is, it is important to know which file hosting service will work the best for your needs. There are hundreds of cloud file hosting services available, with different features and pricing plans. In this article, we will go over the 10 best file hosting services for businesses and organizations. These services can work for anyone from small businesses to large corporations. Regardless of your business’ file hosting needs, one of the top file hosting services will work for you.

What is a File Hosting Service?

A file hosting service is an online platform that can store and host files. File hosting sites also let you share files through the platform. This makes it easier to send files to others without worrying about email attachment limits or security breaches.

A file hosting service is a necessity for businesses that need to host, share, and collaborate on files from different devices. File hosting sites also let you save storage space on your desktop or mobile device since you can store large files in the cloud instead. With a file hosting service, businesses and team members can securely access important files from any device, anywhere in the world. 

10 Best File Hosting Services

Here are the 10 best file hosting services available for businesses and organizations of any size.

1. Covideo


  • Unlimited cloud storage:  You can store an unlimited number of files of any size in your Covideo library.
  • Link sharing: You can share any file stored in Covideo with a short link. All you have to do is copy and paste the link into your favorite communication channel. Recipients can read the file online, no download necessary!
  • Screenshots and screen recordings: In addition to storing files, Covideo lets you take screenshots and screen recordings from your web browser. Images and videos are likewise stored in your Covideo library and can be shared with a short link or embedded directly into an email.
  • Custom branding: Your logo and other custom branding can be displayed on your file’s landing page.
  • CTAs: Add your files as custom CTAs on your videos or landing pages.
  • Boards: Organize your files into boards for simple organization and sharing. You can share files in bulk by sending a link to the board.


Covideo begins at $49/user/month, with discounts available for teams of over 5 users. The file hosting service is an additional $10/user/month.

2. Dropbox


  • Link sharing: You can share any uploaded file by sharing its associated short link.
  • Annotate files: You and other members of your team can collaborate on files by adding annotations.
  • To-do lists: To-do lists can be added to files to keep track of project progress and assign different tasks to different team members.

  • Templates: Dropbox includes templates for many types of files including brainstorming, project planning, timelines, meeting minutes, and social media calendars. You can use these templates to create and edit files within Dropbox.
  • Scan documents: With Dropbox’s mobile app, you can scan documents and upload them to Dropbox as PDFs.
  • Auto-sync: You can automatically sync your devices with Dropbox for easy backups.


Dropbox includes a free plan with 2GB of storage on up to 3 devices. Paid plans begin at $9.99/mo for individuals and $12.50/user/mo for teams.

3. Droplr


  • Link sharing: Whenever you upload a file to Droplr, the file hosting service automatically generates an associated short link. All you have to do is copy and paste the link in order to share your file. Recipients can read the file online without needing to download it.
  • Custom domain and branding: You can customize the domain, subdomain, and logo for your drops to ensure that your recipient knows which brand or business is associated with the file.
  • Auto-redaction: Droplr will automatically redact sensitive information on your image files. You can also set which words or phrases are redacted and who can view redacted information.
  • Boards and tags: You can organize your files into boards or label them with tags. Boards can be used to share files in-bulk by sending the associated short link to your recipient.
  • Screenshots and screen recordings: In addition to storing files, Droplr lets you take screenshots and screen recordings from your desktop or web browser. Images and videos are automatically stored in Droplr and can also be shared with a short link.
  • Public upload: You can set boards to public upload to allow non-Droplr users to add files to your boards. This is useful for gathering files from clients or project members that do not use Droplr.


Droplr begins at $6/mo for individuals and $7/user/mo for teams. Enterprises with 16+ members can contact the sales team for a custom quote.

4. Box


  • Electronic signature: You can legally sign documents on Box and send them to others for signatures.
  • Real-time collaboration: You can collaborate on documents in real-time with team members and add annotations to files.
  • Task lists: Task lists can be created and attached to files to keep track of project progress and divide up tasks.
  • Advanced security: Box includes professional-level security called the Box Shield. The Box Shield can automatically classify documents, set access controls, and detect anomalies and malware.
  • Thousands of integrations: Box supports over 1,500 integrations with the tools you already use like Salesforce, Slack, and Office 365.
  • Custom branding: Businesses can customize their Box platform and documents with company branding and logos.


Box offers a free file hosting service with 10GB of file storage and a 250MB upload limit. Individual pro plans begin at $10/mo. Small teams can begin using Box for $5/user/mo or upgrade to a business plan starting at $15/user/mo.

5. Google Drive


  • Free cloud storage: Google Drive offers 15GB of free file storage for anyone with a Google account.
  • Document creation: In addition to uploading files, you can create documents, slide shows, and spreadsheets within Google Drive.
  • Link sharing: You can share Google Drive files with others by sending them a short link or adding them directly via email address.
  • Collaboration: Other users can collaborate with you on your files by either adding comments and suggestions or editing the document directly depending on the level of access you grant them.
  • Folders: You can divide files into folders and send entire folders to other users.
  • AI-predict search: Files are easy to find within Google Drive as Google uses Priority use AI to predict what you’re searching for and bring up the most relevant content.


Google Drive is free for all users with up to 15GB of storage space. You can pay an additional monthly fee for more file sharing space. Businesses can access Google Drive as part of a Google Workplace plan that also includes workplace Gmail and Google Meet video conferencing for a monthly fee.

6. Egnyte


  • Collaboration: Users can collaborate on files online.
  • Threat detection: Egnyte automatically detects threats and can identify sensitive content, ransomware, and anomalies.
  • Compliance templates: Egnyte includes preconfigured compliance templates for over 50 jurisdictions that can ensure your data is fully compliant with over 500 classification patterns.
  • AI-based content classification: Egnyte’s AI can automatically classify content and change its security settings accordingly.

  • Automatic safeguards: You can set automatic safeguards to regulate the flow of data and information outside of your business. Egnyte can analyze the behavior of team members to ensure that everyone is following proper security protocols.
  • Folder templates: Create templates for folders so repeatable content can be quickly organized.


Egnyte pricing begins at $20/user/mo. Enterprises with over 100 team members can contact the file hosting service for custom pricing.

7. pCloud


  • Document collaboration: You can collaborate on documents through comments or direct edits.
  • Recover old versions: Old versions of files can be recovered for up to one year.
  • Shared folders: Businesses can create shared folders to more easily share files among employees.
  • Custom branding: Businesses can include custom branding on their shared folders and files.
  • Automatic syncing: You can automatically sync files across devices onto your pCloud account.
  • Video player: pCloud includes an in-app video and audio player so you can watch videos within the platform.


pCloud offers a free file hosting service with 10GB of cloud storage. You can also purchase a lifetime plan of $175 for 500GB or $350 for 2TB. Businesses can subscribe to a monthly plan that costs $7.99/user/mo.

8. OpenDrive


  • Unlimited storage: You can store an unlimited number of files on OpenDrive with a paid account.
  • Automatic backups: You can schedule automatic backups and sync files and folders across devices.
  • Video player: OpenDrive includes a built-in video and audio player so you can watch video files within the platform.
  • Link sharing: Files and folders can be shared from OpenDrive through a pasteable short link.
  • Projects and tasks: You can create project and task lists within OpenDrive for easy project collaboration.
  • Notes: You can create and share notes and notebooks within OpenDrive.


OpenDrive offers a free file hosting service with 5GB of online storage. For unlimited storage, you can pay $9.95/user/mo for individual and team plans. Businesses can purchase OpenDrive for a minimum price of $29.95/mo and $5/mo for every extra user.

9. Citrix ShareFile


  • Customizable security: ShareFile includes 25+ customizable security settings so you have full control over who can access your documents.
  • Unlimited storage: You can store and share an unlimited number of files on any plan.
  • Unlimited client users: You can add an unlimited number of client users to your files so you can easily share files with clients for no extra cost.
  • Custom branding: ShareFile lets you include custom branding on your files.
  • Encrypted email: Team members can send encrypted messages to each other and to clients.
  • Electronic signatures: You can sign documents in ShareFile and send documents with signature requests.


ShareFile begins at a flat monthly fee of $50/month. All plans are limited to 5 employees users.



  • Content creation: In addition to uploading files, you can create documents within the platform.
  • Content library: You can organize your files and folders into a content library.
  • Collaboration: You can collaborate with others on document creation and edit others’ documents.
  • Website embed: Documents and content libraries can be embedded directly onto your website.
  • Document templates: You can build your documents out from templates and themes.
  • Document add-ons: You can add wikis, code blocks, automated tables, visual embeds, or a table of contents to your documents.

Pricing offers a free file hosting service with 1GB of file storage for up to 5 team members. Paid plans begin at $8/user/mo.

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