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The best follow up email after no response

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Covideo is a tool used to easily record, send and track personalized video messages. Incorporating video throughout all stages of the sales process — prospecting, follow-ups, referrals — increases overall engagement and conversions.

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Use Covideo’s call-to-action buttons to share content like e-books, whitepapers, case studies, or to invite working prospects to webinars. Helpful resources like these add value and demonstrate the expertise and insights you bring along with your product/service.

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Delve into product overviews or address complex questions without sending lengthy, confusing emails or waiting weeks to coordinate calendars. Keep the lines of communication open and the timeline on schedule with a video your prospect can watch at their convenience.

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Follow Up Email After No Response

The dreaded follow up email after no response. We’ve all been there, and we’ve all thought through our perfectly crafted message and subject line in hopes that it will elicit a reaction and response. Unfortunately, more often than not, it takes multiple touches in order to reach someone, especially in sales.

In this article, we’re going to highlight effective strategies for sending a follow up email after no response. These tactics are shown to improve open rates, engagement, click-through rates, and response rates. Here’s a hint – traditional plain-text emails are not going to cut it. If you want to stand out, then it’s time to do something different. So, what’s the best follow up email after no response? Instead of wondering how to write a follow up email after no response, try recording a video email.

This article will be a guide for sending a follow up email after no response and will cover topics such as:

  • More effective follow up emails
  • Best practices for sending a follow up email after no response
  • What to say in a follow up email after no response
  • Power of video when sending a follow up video after no response


Sending a Follow Up Email After No Response

Anyone in a sales role knows that one of the hardest aspects of the job is getting a response. Oftentimes, you find yourself sending a follow up email after no response again, again, and again. Fortunately, you are not alone, and this tends to be a universal issue that nearly all salespeople face daily.

Sending an effective follow up email after no response is no easy task. First off, your subject line is extremely important. According to Hubspot, 33% of prospects will open an email just based on the subject line. However, don’t give up if you don’t hear back after your first time reaching out. For example, 50% of sales happen after the fifth touch or attempt – so although you may feel like a pain, keep reaching out.

Here at Covideo, we understand that a follow up email with no response can be discouraging and frustrating. The best solution for this problem is to switch things up and start using video in sales emails. Including a video email in your message will help you stand out in the inbox and increase responses and engagement.

Covideo is a video email platform that allows you to record, send, and track personalized videos. In addition, you have the ability to track who, when, and how many times your email is opened and your video is watched. Learn how to send a follow up email after no response by scheduling a demo with one of our industry experts. Sending a follow up email after no response does not have to be a struggle anymore; start using video for sales with Covideo!


A More Effective Follow Up Email

Are you wondering how to write a sales follow up email that will guarantee a response? Well, first thing’s first – you’ll need to switch your mindset. Covideo is here to help with sample follow up emails; however, you won’t be writing them. Instead, you’ll be recording them! Covideo is a video emailing platform and is widely used as one of the best sales tools.

Typically sales teams use video to replace cold emails with video prospecting. In addition, they send video email introductions, appointment reminders, sales follow up emails, second follow up emails after no responses, and vehicle walkarounds. The use cases are truly endless.

Using Covideo for video prospecting increases your chances of getting a response because this approach is refreshing, innovative, and personalized. If you want to see more of this video strategy or are curious what a follow up email sample after no response looks like, then request a demo here and one of our experts will show you the ropes! Keep reading to learn more about sending a follow up email after no response with video messages.


Best Practices for Sending a Follow Up Email After No Response

There are many things to consider when determining how to write a follow up email after no response or even making a “good” sales video. Video length, lighting, quality, personalization, call-to-actions, subject line, and how much text to add to the email are all factors that you should take into consideration. For example, keep your videos short to boost engagement and try to stay around 30 seconds. According to Campaign Monitor, after 30 seconds 33% of viewers stop watching. Keep it short and simple, especially if this is a second follow up email after no response.


High Quality

For a high-quality video, consider the device you’re using, and the lighting around you. Try to have as much natural lighting as possible – find a window and face it, or go outside! No one likes grainy, dark, poor-quality videos.


Personalization and CTAs

Another tip: personalization is key. At Covideo we use a whiteboard and write the recipient’s name on it and also include their name in the subject line. This adds a warm touch to your message and increases the chance they open, watch, and respond to your video email. In addition, always include a call-to-action in your video. With Covideo, you can include custom CTA buttons that guide your viewer’s next steps and improve response rates.


Subject Lines and Email Body


In addition to adding the individual’s name, always include the word “video” in the subject line when sending a video email. Research suggests that the word video increases open rates by at least 19%. In addition, add some text to the body of the email, but not too much. You want your video to do most of the talking, and the text to act as a supplement. For example, highlight a few key points or reaffirm the action you want the recipient to take.


How to send a follow up video after no response – sample

If you’re in need of an example script of what to say in a follow up after receiving no response to earlier correspondence, we’ve got you covered. Here’s an example of a script for what to say when recording a video email for a follow up email sample after no response.

Hi John, this is Katherine with Covideo. I would like to follow up on my previous email with a personalized video, as this might be a better way to connect and share my message with you. As I mentioned earlier, we work with teams just like yours and help them increase connections and overall sales through personalized videos. I’d love to show you how other teams are using this in their sales process today. Click that button below to schedule a time to chat, and I look forward to hearing from you soon! Thanks.”

As you can see in the example above, with Covideo your message stays the same. Instead, it’s just being delivered in a different format. Some of the pros of sending a video email versus plain text are that it puts a face to a name, builds trust, speeds up the sales cycles, and creates a connection. All of these factors work together and act as a warm follow up email, rather than reaching out cold. Overall, video is the answer to how to send a follow up email after no response. Use the key practices above and watch the responses flow into your inbox. *You’ve got mail*


Sample Follow Up Emails To Prospects After No Response

The best way to follow up with customers is through the use of video. Video email works wonders for following up after a call, meeting or appointment. Even using video for initial introductions, sending cold emails, or after not getting a reply is a more effective technique than using plain text alone. Nowadays, our inboxes are flooded with messages and people aren’t going to open – let alone read and respond to – a message that comes from an unfamiliar contact.

However, adding a video to your outreach changes everything. It’s refreshing, innovative, and engaging. Never again should follow-up email after a meeting or a follow-up after a phone call be restricted to plain text. Instead, record a video, and thank your recipient for their time, highlight some key topics that were covered, and guide them into the action you want them to take. This process will leave a lasting impression, especially if it is their first time receiving a video email.

Video emails are extremely effective when they are sent for initial introductions, cold emails, or after no reply. With video email, you put a face to a name, build trust, speed up the sales cycles, and create an instant connection with prospects. A sample follow up email to a client after sending a proposal or a sample follow-up email after no response from the client using video can look something like this, “I would like to follow up on the proposal with a personalized video. If you have any questions or concerns I`d love to reconnect with you and talk things over more. Click the button below to schedule a time that works for you.”

Learn more here about effective follow-up strategies or to see a business follow up email sample and follow up email after phone call sample.


Additional Follow Up Examples

Video email isn’t just useful for sales and businesses but can also be a helpful tool for individuals.Many individuals are still on the hunt for a job due to Covid-19. Job opportunities are limited which makes it harder to stand out from the competition and to get responses from the companies. Sending a video introducing yourself either as a follow up or along with your resume could be a great way to stand out. It gives you a chance for employers to put a face to a name and personalize the interview process. You could send personalized video emails as a follow-up email for a job, a follow-up email interview, a follow-up email after no response to a resume, saying thank you – you name it.

If you find yourself struggling with not getting a reply from a company, you are not alone, try using video – start a 7 day free trial, no credit card required!) The beauty of video is its ability to be used universally. It’s a great tool for everyone whether it be for businesses or an individual on the search for a new job opportunity.


Start Getting Responses to Your Follow Up Emails

Sick of getting no email response? We don’t blame you. Video email is truly one of the best sales tools and should be a necessity in your sales toolkit. It helps you stand out in the inbox and improve your response rates.

Are you wondering how to get started? Good question, fill out this quick form and someone will be in touch! We can show you how to send a follow up email with video and get you the responses you deserve. Our team will provide training and support to walk you through how to start and go over some sample follow-up emails after no response, sample video emails to send to prospects, clients, and a follow up letter sample after no response.

Sending a follow up email after no response requires style and our video experts know exactly how to upgrade your follow-up emails. Schedule a demo today!

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