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Four Tips To Increase Automotive Sales

By: Katherine Deighan | May 6th, 2020

Potential buyers have access to unlimited information, and with that comes the ability to research and review a car before even stepping foot on a lot. Buyers are in control of their decision, and will shy away if they feel influenced by a pushy salesperson. That’s why the best salespeople treat their customers as friends, helping to make the entire car-buying experience as productive and enjoyable as possible. 

Incorporating video throughout all stages of the sales process is one of the best ways to follow up with customers and prospects in a personal and friendly manner. This creates a positive experience from the first interaction a customer has with your dealership and leads to future word of mouth referrals to friends and family. Start building productive relationships and increasing your sales with these video strategy tips below.

1. Make a strong first impression.

When a lead comes in follow up with a personalized video introducing yourself, so the customer knows exactly who they’re working with. Provide next steps for setting up an appointment, and offer your assistance with anything they need. This first interaction builds trust between you and the customer and forms a strong foundation for the rest of their car buying experience. Don’t be afraid to put some funny in your follow up and add a touch of personality. Spice up your intro with something as simple as, “Happy Fri-YAY Samantha!” Samantha, and other recipients, will appreciate your enthusiasm and feel more comfortable working with you!

2. Don’t just talk-the-talk.

Whether you receive a general inquiry or a request for a specific model, follow up with a video for visual reference. Show the customer exactly what vehicle options are available with an inventory showcase video. Get your sales people out on the lot and record a video using our mobile app to highlight the different models, colors, and features.

Once a customer has narrowed down their requests, record a vehicle walk around video on the car of interest. This gives the customer a 360 degree view of the vehicle, and highlights any specific features the buyer inquired about. Rather than having to walk around the lot finding the perfect fit, video saves time and offers better insight prior to seeing the vehicle in person. 

3. Let them know you are waiting for them.

Send appointment reminders, letting the buyer know you look forward to meeting them, to increase your contact ratio and appointment set-to-show ratio. This simple message reminds customers of their commitment and makes them more likely to follow through. For extra effect, hold up the keys next to their vehicle, so they see their car is on the lot and ready to take home.

4. Be the person they can rely on.

Good manners never grow old! Taking the time to send thank you videos creates a positive customer experience and shows you’re willing to go the extra mile. Let your customers know you are here if they need anything regarding their vehicle. It’s also a great time to ask for referrals and build your network. Word-of-mouth is the most powerful tool that can lead you to profit increase, but don’t forget that it is followed by word-of-mouse, so ask for an online review too. Always keep in mind that people buy from people they like and can relate to. 

Free Follow Up Email Templates

If you’re in need of some examples to get you started, download our free eBook for when you need to send sales follow up email templates. Here you’ll find: 

  • Cold email follow up templates for prospecting and initial outreach
  • Warm follow up email templates for introductions
  • Follow up email after sending proposals and quotes
  • Using video in the recruiting process to send a follow-up email, interview updates, and extend an offer
  • Follow up email after providing service and saying thank you
  • Ideas to use video as a follow-up email after no response in order to stand out

Looking to Incorporate Video Into Your Sales Strategy?

Next time you’re struggling with getting your leads to come in for a test drive, try sending a video email. It only takes a couple of minutes, it’s faster than typing and editing an email and it’s fun! Even if you are camera shy, we have plenty of tips on how to get over that hump. Feel free to reach out to one of our auto experts or start a trial today